Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No more online support for your MS Office

Microsoft has integrated the Microsoft help program into every applications incorporated in the Windows operating system. Like any other program, the Office suite 2003 developed by the Microsoft help and research crew is also facilitated with a help feature. The help-features avails the user an option to fix the various issues at the time of computing. This feature will help the users to understand Windows better. The user will become more competent in fixing errors and hence will reduce the workload of the technical professionals. The greatest advantage of the Help topic is that the instructions are easy to understand. Majority of the instructions are self-explanatory.
However, a section of users viewed this feature from a wrong side. They felt it was frustrating and an absolute waste of time. In addition to the launch of Microsoft help, tech giants invented a key to avoid this feature for the Windows Users. Deactivating the help feature from Microsoft Office suite 2003 isn’t a big deal. Any Windows user with minimal computer knowledge can do this with the help of simple  instructions These instructions are shaped up by engineers in the Microsoft help and support crew.
Follow these instructions…
Press the power button to turn on your Windows machine.
Launch the “Microsoft Office program” from the Startup menu by clicking on the MS Office icon twice
Once the MS Office window crops up, select the "Help" tab found at the top end of your screen.
With the listed and available option, go to the tab "Microsoft Program Name Help".
Access the "See Also" window and make your way into the "Online Content Settings" tab.
Go for the particular box that lies adjacent to the "Show Microsoft Office online featured links" tab. This will help you to access a check box.
You can take off the check mark by accessing the tab portrayed with the label "Service Options".
When you are done, scroll down to the bottom half of the page where you will find the tab "OK". Clicking on it will wind up the entire process and will load the new settings on your Microsoft Office suite 2003.
Restart your PC as recommended by Microsoft help and support center to load up Windows with the changes made.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Installing and Updating Drivers in Windows 7

Windows 7 is a very good platform that excels in appearance and performance. The tools and utilities Windows 7 hold make it a personal favorite for many computer user. Windows 7 has inbuilt support for many devices. Since new gadgets, with the option of computer syncing and connectivity are being released every single day, Windows 7 won’t be able to detect many of the new devices. Don’t sweat if your device cannot be installed by Windows 7. There are a lot of options Redmond Professionals have packed Windows with, to solve these sort of simple, yet irritating problems. Windows Help and Support Center provides you info on both devices and drivers.
There are a lot of drivers designed by the OEM to install the devices in Windows 7 and its counterparts like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.When Windows 7 fails to install a device, it’s because it doesn’t have any drivers required for the device, not even the basic ones. So, what you have to do is, insert the Driver CD provided by the manufacturer and install the driver.

What is a Driver?

A driver is the program that helps the Windows Platform in communicating with the external and internal hardware devices. If a driver is absent or not up to date, the device won’t work properly. In most cases Windows 7 detects the device as an unknown one.

If I don’t have the Driver CD what will I do?

If you don’t have a driver CD provided by the manufacturer, just follow the instructions given below:
1. Power ON your PC and wait for Windows 7 OS to load.
2. After the Windows 7 desktop is loaded, open any browser and navigate to the Official site or the Support site of the Device Manufacturer. In the Support section in the website, search for the device drivers.
3. Download the driver for Windows 7 and install it. You should connect the Device to the system before installing the driver.
4. Restart the system and connect the device.

Alternative Method

1. After the Windows 7 desktop is loaded, connect the device to the computer. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
2. Windows 7 will try to install the device using the related drivers in the database. Since there are no related drivers, Windows 7 will connect to the Microsoft online and download the drivers. It will install the drivers. Restart the PC after the driver installation.
In case you come across any problems during the installation, troubleshoot them with the help of Windows Help center.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The New Windows Phone 8 – A splendid bonbon for the users

Windows Phone 8 is one of the most awaited mobile platforms of the year. This mobile platform comes from the abode of Microsoft. Windows phone 8 platform is officially called Windows 8 Mobile. However, this name maybe not suitable for the new platform, not anymore. To say the least, this platform is a wonderful one. This platform is modified in to more of a Computer style, rather than retaining the mobile styles. It retains all the good properties of the mobile platform in this version, but has added a lot of features in to this platform; most of them adopted from the Windows PC platforms.
The new Windows 8 Phone Multi-threading and Multiple core processing. This platform also supports a lot of features like NFC, Wireless charging support, Turbo boosting etc. One of the best features included in the Windows 8 Mobile platform is the support for Metro Apps. Microsoft is also providing Windows 8 Store apps support in the Windows 8 Mobile platform.

What’s New?
This platform has a lot of changes compared to its predecessor Windows 7 Mango Mobile. This platform is very good for the App developers. This platform can support Java and Html 5 Coding; this will help the developers to beat the learning curve. No developers will have any reason to say no to Windows Mobile platform as they can write the programs with a wide variety of programming languages. Microsoft has included the new Windows 8 Help in this version.

Can the Mango users upgrade?
Windows 8 Mobile is designed in such a way that, it will be able to replace Windows 7 Mango by upgrade. However, update will depend upon the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Since the new Windows 8 Mobile platform has higher requirements than Windows 7 Mango platform, the update availability for our device will depend upon OEM’s decision.

Overall Performance and Processor Support
Overall performance of the new mobile platform is excellent. The graphics of the new platform is superb. This platform is able to give a good performance with excellent graphics. Microsoft made this processor with no sacrifices that will hinder the user’s best experience.
The Windows 8 mobile platform is now only supported by the Snapdragon S4 processor from the house of the Qualcomm. This processor has an Integrated LTE support.
From the initials tests and use, this platform is a very good one. Microsoft Windows 8 Help Websites can help you with more details on the specifics of their new mobile operating system.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Registering Windows XP Professional

Windows XP is regarded as one of the best Operating systems designed for a PC. Unlike any other platform, Windows XP is a milestone in the history of software programming. This OS became the first one to introduce many technologies under one hood. At the same time, forget about compromises, it showed us what real performance is. Windows XP, with Windows Tech support on its right hand, conquered the markets and slammed its opponents on the ground with no mercy.
Why Registering is required?
Windows XP is priced software from Microsoft. Actually you have to pay for the license key they provide with the bundle. If you don’t enter the license key, the functionality of the software is reduced. There are different versions of Windows XP, Starter, Home and Professional being the important ones. Windows XP professional, like other versions, if not registered cannot be used very well after the trial period and the utilization of the software reduces.
How can I register then?
To register Windows XP you need license key. If you don’t have license key you can’t register Windows legally. You can purchase the license key from an authorized retailer or from Microsoft Website. In case you have a pre-installed PC, the manufacturer sticks a tag on the PC cabinet which contains the license key for Windows XP. The tag license key is only required in cases of reinstallation of PC’s. Windows Tech Support provides help in these cases.
There are some instructions that will help you through the course of registering Windows. The instructions are given below:
1. Make sure you are connected to Internet. It doesn’t really matter the type of connection, but a faster one would be better for the process.
2. Click on the icon named Start on the bottom left part of the desktop.
3. Now in the Start menu, move the pointer to All Programs and then to System tools in the following menu.
4. Now click on the Activate Windows icon in drop menu.
5. In the Dialogue Box opened, Give Permission for all the prompts being asked. Before giving Permission read the dialogues, terms and conditions given there.
6. Now give your personal data with the license key in the windows provided.
7. Wait for some time for the final window. The Window will show thank you in there. Now click OK.
Do that and the registration process is completed.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Omni Tech Support

  Viruses might be the reason for the minimum performing personal computer. Computers utilizing low effectiveness or gradual computer are not just the result of dysfunctional system resources. Fairly often, it is found out that if there is a bunch of the system options been made use of, it could be a symbol of a Spyware and adware infections or even registry problems. Tech Support will offer an easy way to solve these complaints.

There are some methods that may be needed in order to be able to tackle the difficulties relating to a pokey computer, which in turn mainly comes about because of large CPU eating.

Identifying to blame is important for Tech support.

The first measure essential to detect slower computer, will be identifying a processes that cause the use of inappropriate degree of CPU options. In order to do that, we have to available the Glass windows Task Director by hitting Ctrl + Alt + Del about our keyboard. The next step is that will click the Systems tab to view that the area of CPU solutions utilized by each one process, in addition to the present practice running on your computer. It is important to create a note in the process which consumes the most CPU sources and to establish which technique is associated with of which process. Watching the PC performance is the next step that ought to be taken into consideration to identify the foundation cause of a slow computer. Should a computer is slow due to high percentage with CPU use of one or more exe then it's not necessary to remain alarmed. However if the problem persists and can make our do the job tenacious only then do we surely will need to proceed to the next thing.

Running an Adware scan is really a part of Tech Support

the program in which consumes lots of CPU assets can be over a Malware plus opting for your Tech Support becomes necessary here. It sometimes also veils per se in the form of the exe process. Buyers are sometimes faked by these kinds of forms of Adware and spyware because they showcase a kind of authenticity, which an authentic or permitted program generally shows. Styles of Malware courses like Trojans, worms, and also Trojans misinform people through appearing sticking with the same names mainly because that of the legitimate methods. Malware likewise causes widespread error regulations such as the trustedinstaller.exe miscalculation and csrss.exe error the trustedinstaller.exe mistake which results in painstaking computer. Now it is important to attempt a Malware check out on the computer that can enable individuals to erase all the unsafe infections. This will likely also be made by taking the assistance of company’s expert in presenting Software Company. Tech Support can solve the condition of great CPU ingestion.

Legitimacy of your exe process is also very important pertaining to Tech Support.

Verifying the legality of an exe procedure is also the particular prerequisite in advance of opting for a Tech Support method.

Many customers who operate the different safeguards software get the legitimate method but aren’t going to do that and usually result in continuous slow PC. Here skilled technicians may also help us around detection in the drawbacks with our system using Tech Support.

Professionals who have the desired skill set May easily disable the unnecessary processes through System Construction utility (MS configuration) with windows. In an effort to resolve these kinds of issue Tech Support experts also perform an extensive registry search within using a reputable registry cleaner to brush the personal computer clean connected with invalid together with incorrect information and facts.