Thursday, October 25, 2012

Registering Windows XP Professional

Windows XP is regarded as one of the best Operating systems designed for a PC. Unlike any other platform, Windows XP is a milestone in the history of software programming. This OS became the first one to introduce many technologies under one hood. At the same time, forget about compromises, it showed us what real performance is. Windows XP, with Windows Tech support on its right hand, conquered the markets and slammed its opponents on the ground with no mercy.
Why Registering is required?
Windows XP is priced software from Microsoft. Actually you have to pay for the license key they provide with the bundle. If you don’t enter the license key, the functionality of the software is reduced. There are different versions of Windows XP, Starter, Home and Professional being the important ones. Windows XP professional, like other versions, if not registered cannot be used very well after the trial period and the utilization of the software reduces.
How can I register then?
To register Windows XP you need license key. If you don’t have license key you can’t register Windows legally. You can purchase the license key from an authorized retailer or from Microsoft Website. In case you have a pre-installed PC, the manufacturer sticks a tag on the PC cabinet which contains the license key for Windows XP. The tag license key is only required in cases of reinstallation of PC’s. Windows Tech Support provides help in these cases.
There are some instructions that will help you through the course of registering Windows. The instructions are given below:
1. Make sure you are connected to Internet. It doesn’t really matter the type of connection, but a faster one would be better for the process.
2. Click on the icon named Start on the bottom left part of the desktop.
3. Now in the Start menu, move the pointer to All Programs and then to System tools in the following menu.
4. Now click on the Activate Windows icon in drop menu.
5. In the Dialogue Box opened, Give Permission for all the prompts being asked. Before giving Permission read the dialogues, terms and conditions given there.
6. Now give your personal data with the license key in the windows provided.
7. Wait for some time for the final window. The Window will show thank you in there. Now click OK.
Do that and the registration process is completed.

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