Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The New Windows Phone 8 – A splendid bonbon for the users

Windows Phone 8 is one of the most awaited mobile platforms of the year. This mobile platform comes from the abode of Microsoft. Windows phone 8 platform is officially called Windows 8 Mobile. However, this name maybe not suitable for the new platform, not anymore. To say the least, this platform is a wonderful one. This platform is modified in to more of a Computer style, rather than retaining the mobile styles. It retains all the good properties of the mobile platform in this version, but has added a lot of features in to this platform; most of them adopted from the Windows PC platforms.
The new Windows 8 Phone Multi-threading and Multiple core processing. This platform also supports a lot of features like NFC, Wireless charging support, Turbo boosting etc. One of the best features included in the Windows 8 Mobile platform is the support for Metro Apps. Microsoft is also providing Windows 8 Store apps support in the Windows 8 Mobile platform.

What’s New?
This platform has a lot of changes compared to its predecessor Windows 7 Mango Mobile. This platform is very good for the App developers. This platform can support Java and Html 5 Coding; this will help the developers to beat the learning curve. No developers will have any reason to say no to Windows Mobile platform as they can write the programs with a wide variety of programming languages. Microsoft has included the new Windows 8 Help in this version.

Can the Mango users upgrade?
Windows 8 Mobile is designed in such a way that, it will be able to replace Windows 7 Mango by upgrade. However, update will depend upon the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Since the new Windows 8 Mobile platform has higher requirements than Windows 7 Mango platform, the update availability for our device will depend upon OEM’s decision.

Overall Performance and Processor Support
Overall performance of the new mobile platform is excellent. The graphics of the new platform is superb. This platform is able to give a good performance with excellent graphics. Microsoft made this processor with no sacrifices that will hinder the user’s best experience.
The Windows 8 mobile platform is now only supported by the Snapdragon S4 processor from the house of the Qualcomm. This processor has an Integrated LTE support.
From the initials tests and use, this platform is a very good one. Microsoft Windows 8 Help Websites can help you with more details on the specifics of their new mobile operating system.

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