Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No more online support for your MS Office

Microsoft has integrated the Microsoft help program into every applications incorporated in the Windows operating system. Like any other program, the Office suite 2003 developed by the Microsoft help and research crew is also facilitated with a help feature. The help-features avails the user an option to fix the various issues at the time of computing. This feature will help the users to understand Windows better. The user will become more competent in fixing errors and hence will reduce the workload of the technical professionals. The greatest advantage of the Help topic is that the instructions are easy to understand. Majority of the instructions are self-explanatory.
However, a section of users viewed this feature from a wrong side. They felt it was frustrating and an absolute waste of time. In addition to the launch of Microsoft help, tech giants invented a key to avoid this feature for the Windows Users. Deactivating the help feature from Microsoft Office suite 2003 isn’t a big deal. Any Windows user with minimal computer knowledge can do this with the help of simple  instructions These instructions are shaped up by engineers in the Microsoft help and support crew.
Follow these instructions…
Press the power button to turn on your Windows machine.
Launch the “Microsoft Office program” from the Startup menu by clicking on the MS Office icon twice
Once the MS Office window crops up, select the "Help" tab found at the top end of your screen.
With the listed and available option, go to the tab "Microsoft Program Name Help".
Access the "See Also" window and make your way into the "Online Content Settings" tab.
Go for the particular box that lies adjacent to the "Show Microsoft Office online featured links" tab. This will help you to access a check box.
You can take off the check mark by accessing the tab portrayed with the label "Service Options".
When you are done, scroll down to the bottom half of the page where you will find the tab "OK". Clicking on it will wind up the entire process and will load the new settings on your Microsoft Office suite 2003.
Restart your PC as recommended by Microsoft help and support center to load up Windows with the changes made.

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