Thursday, January 17, 2013

Guide To Access Firefox Settings

Mozilla Firefox is an open source internet browser which released in the  year 2004. You can get this web browser to run of your Windows, Linux or OS X operating systems. There are mainly two methods to access the Firefox settings, one through the Firefox Options Window and the other through the about.config command. The first method is mainly selected, if you want to make simple modifications within the browser settings. But the second option, also called the advanced option provides a powerful browser customization experience.
If you are a beginner in Firefox, then you surely find this article informative, since these details the two commonly used methods to access the Mozilla Firefox Settings.
Via Options window
Launch the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser on your system and then trigger the tools tab on the Firefox top main menu bar.
Now select the options tab from the pull-down tools menu and then select the general option from the submenu thus appeared. In general tab you can customize your start page, edit your browser add-ons, and also possible to set file download preferences.
Now select the tabs option from the options window to enable the tabbed browsing feature. By using this you can open multiple web pages in different tabs.
For editing fonts, images, pop-ups and language settings you need to select the content option.
If you want to change the way that your browser opens documents, select applications tab.
In order to obtain your Firefox browsing history you need to access the privacy option.
For making changes in the browser security settings, trigger the security option in the options menu list.
Advanced customization
Tag along the address tab seen at the top of your Firefox Browser window.
Now enter about.config without any mistakes in the address bar followed by clicking the enter key on your keyboard.
In order to access the Firefox about:config settings window, trigger the I’ll be careful option.
Now you were able to see a filter field. Enter the name of the setting that you want to modify in the filter field and then click enter. This displays the particular setting that you entered in the filter field.
For viewing a menu of available actions that you will be able to perform, right-click a setting.
That’s all the instructions you will require to access Mozilla Firefox Settings. Thank you!

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