Monday, May 6, 2013

Steps To Set Up Source Edit In Microsoft Outlook

Outlook, from Microsoft, is a very popular Email client that allows the users to send and receive email messages. The very latest versions of Outlook, Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2013, offer HTML support.
Follow the Outlook set up guidelines to enable the Outlook features, to insert HTML tags. The steps below will guide you through changing the Outlook settings to use the Microsoft Script Editor tool.

Outlook settings Instructions

·        Switch on your PC and log into your administrator account.
·        Open Microsoft Outlook on your PC. To launch the application, click on the icon with the label that reads Microsoft Outlook on your desktop. You can also launch the application from the Start menu. To launch the app, open the Start menu. From the Start menu pop up, select the label that reads All Programs. From the All Programs sub menu, select the label that reads Microsoft Outlook. Alternatively, you can launch the same by clicking the taskbar plug in icon.
·        Click on the label that reads Tools from the application home page. Select the label Options from the Tools drop down. From the Mail format tab, check the box next to the label that reads Use Microsoft Word to edit email messages. Hit the OK button when prompted to save the settings. This will set Microsoft word as the default Email Editor application.
·        Click on the File button on top, and select the New option from the dropdown. This will open the Compose window, wherein you can compose your new email message.
·        Click on the View button. Navigate into the Toolbars submenu, and select the label that reads Web Tools. This will list down all the Web tool buttons in a small rectangular box. Scroll down the list to see the available Web tools.
·        Select the label that reads Microsoft Script Editor. This will launch the default Email Editor Application, which in this case, is Microsoft word. Microsoft Word will now allow you to edit the HTML source code of your outgoing message. Make sure that you save the word file before sending it, or save it into the drafts folder.
Follow the above Outlook settings help instructions to set up the source edit feature on Microsoft Outlook. For more assistance on the same, feel free to contact our help and support desk. Drop into our tech blogs and open discussion forums for help and support. 

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