Monday, September 9, 2013

Installing Microsoft Cal On Your Phone

Client Access License or Cal, is a software license, which is usually distributed by the software companies in order for their clients to connect to its server software. This is helpful as the Cal allows the clients to use the services provided by these software companies. Accessing the Microsoft Cal can be confusing, and it could also be difficult accessing the Terminal Service license. However, to access the Microsoft Client Access License, you need to activate the Terminal Service License over the phone. The server of the Terminal Service uses these licenses, as they help in tracking down and allowing the client permissions to the Windows 2000- based computers, which have these Terminal Services enabled. Usually, a digital certificate is given when you activate the license server. This certificate validates the ownership of the server, as well as checks its identity. Installing and accessing Microsoft Cal is easy by activating the Terminal Service license over the phone.

You can follow these instructions to activate the Terminal services License on your phone:
  • Click on the Start button on the left bottom of your desktop and click Settings. Now, click on the Control Panel option. Now, you would see a whole list of options from where you need to select Administrative Tools. Now, click on the Terminal Service Items. This would be clearly mentioned in the Tech Support column where you can also post your question.
  • Now, double-click on Terminal Services licensing option. This would lead you to an option where you can activate the license.
  • Now you would need to activate the license in the console tree. Right click the license server you want to activate it and then click Activate Server.
  • Now, choose the Connection Method option and click Telephone in it. Click the option Next.
  • You need to select your country or region in order to add the details. Once, you enter the details, click Next. You would see a phone number being displayed. Make a note of the number. You can also contact the Microsoft Tech Support to for assistance.
  • You can call the phone number and give the product ID number to the representative. Type the license server ID into the space available on the screen. Click Next.
  • Once you click Next, follow the instructions to install client license key packs right away. You can also install the client license packs later. For this, uncheck the Install licenses now and click Finish.
Therefore, you can follow these simple steps to install the Microsoft Cal in your computer by activating the Terminal Service License.

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