Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Recovering Deleted Yahoo Messenger Emails

Almost all the computer users may have used the Yahoo messenger chat software. This is a very popular instant messaging system that is in use in almost all parts of the world. This messaging system allows the users to converse with their friends and family members over the Internet connection. This allows a one-to-one conversation with utmost ease. The main features of Yahoo messenger include instant messaging, photo sharing, and web cam features. This can also be used to send text messages to mobile phones. This service also allows the user of the program to keep a list of family and friends among the available contacts. This makes it very easy to start a conversation with the people in the list.
The conversations in Yahoo messenger take place in a conversation window and closing the window will make the entire conversation to end. Opening a chat or conversation window with the same contact will open a new window that is blank. If you have accidentally closed a conversation window and want to get back previous chat messages, you can follow the instructions explained below. The conversations will not be deleted by closing the window. Do not mistake this for the procedure to recover deleted Yahoo emails. The procedure to recover deleted Yahoo emails is different. This is only the procedure to get back the chat messages.

  • Open the Yahoo messenger program. Look at the name of the contact in your Yahoo messenger program and select the contact whose conversation you want to recover.
  • Move the mouse pointer to the arrow on the right side of the selected contact’s name. You will get a menu. From the menu that appears, select View Message History.
  • This will open the conversation window, select View More History from there.
  • Doing the above step will open the My History tab. Look through the conversations which are listed in this tab. When you click on a conversation listed here, the entire conversation appears at the bottom of the tab.
You can recover the conversation that you have accidentally closed by following this procedure. You may get the copy of any of the conversation by this method until you have deleted the conversation from the history manually. If you are not okay with any of the steps, you may refer the official website of Yahoo or contact the Yahoo support team for further assistance.

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