Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Resolve Calendar Issues In MS Outlook

MS Outlook is one of the most popular and useful email applications, and is used by millions of people. The user interface of the MS Outlook program is top notch, and this has helped the program attract millions of users.
It can also be used as a personal information management software, as it includes different functions such as a calendar tool, an email application etc. With the help of the Outlook program, the users will be able to send and receive emails, set appointments with their contacts, set personal reminders, etc. It is a complete organizational tool, which helps the users take control of a variety of functions. However, the Outlook program does suffer from occasional problems that can make the life of the user very difficult.
Once the program starts to malfunction, it might be very difficult for the users to get it back up again, as the troubleshooting process might take time to complete. Most of the problems with Outlook concern its tools, such as the calendar and the email applications. The calendar issues in the Outlook program can be resolved using some easy techniques.

Methods to resolve calendar issues in Outlook

The Outlook program comes bundled with certain command line parameters that are very useful in repairing the problems in it. If you were to start the Outlook program with the command line switch "Outlook /cleanreminders", then the program would regenerate all set reminders. Run Outlook with the "Outlook /CleanFreeBusy" option, on Outlook clients connected in a Microsoft Exchange environment, to repair problems with the Free/Busy data.

For the Free/Busy data to update and function properly, network connectivity is required for the Microsoft Outlook clients who are in an Exchange Server environment. Most of the issues with the calendar tool in the Outlook program can be resolved by restoring the network connectivity.
In some cases, the problems that you are encountering in the MS Outlook program might come down to problems within the Outlook program itself. Such problems with Outlook can be resolved by downloading and installing the latest service packs and patches that are released by Microsoft.
These are some of the problems that users face on a regular basis in the calendar tool of the Outlook program. Make sure that you try some of the methods mentioned here if you are faced with some such Outlook problems.

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