Friday, September 13, 2013

Tutorial For Opening Application Windows In Full Screen

Most of the programs in the Windows operating system open in the Windowed mode by default to save space and to do multitasking. However, some of the users would prefer the applications to open in the full screen mode so that they can view the application options and tools more clearly in the whole screen. If you are one of those who prefer to use the applications in full screen mode, then there is good news for you, you can easily change the application to run in full screen using the simple tricks from the Windows support site given below.

Tips And Tricks 
  • To make the application window run in full screen, try pressing the Alt key and the Enter key simultaneously. This keyboard shortcut will work in almost all games and media players in the Windows operating system. You can use the same keys to bring the window back to the windowed mode. 
  • To make the web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox to work in the full screen mode, press the F11 key in the keyboard. To return to the windowed mode, press the F11 key.
  • To make the Microsoft Office suite programs like Word, Excel, and other office applications, hit the Alt and the V keys in the keyboard simultaneously and then press the U key. To exit from the full screen mode in Office suite applications, click on the Esc button found at the top left corner of the keyboard.
  • If for some application, none of the above shortcuts work, then right click on the shortcut icon of the application found in the desktop of your computer and then click on the Properties option found at the bottom of the drop down menu. Then click on the dropdown menu found next to the Run option and then select the Maximized option. Now click on the OK button to the run the program. Now when the application launches, you can see that the application occupies the full screen, although you can see that there is a bar at the top of the window.
If you follow the above instructions carefully, you will be able to make the applications in your Windows operating system based computer run in the full screen mode. If you need any more clarifications or tips regarding the applications in the Windows OS, just visit the Windows support website.

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