Monday, November 4, 2013

Altering Settings In Google Chrome

For a user who makes constant use of the internet, a speedy browsing experience is a necessity. Among the different browsers that are available in the market, the Google Chrome is one of the most sought after. Surfing the net with the browser is very fast and it has a very efficient pop up blocker. Also support for various numbers of extensions and add-ons are possible in the Google Chrome. The web browser has been very successful and won loads of praise. Well for a first timer, customizing the Google Chrome might be a problem. In order to customize the settings in Google Chrome you need to follow the below provided steps.

  • Turn on the system and wait for the system to load. After the system loads, launch the Google Chrome that is present on your system. Either access it from the location in the hard disk or access it from the desktop shortcut icon.
  • In the toolbar of the Google Chrome, the spanner icon will be present. Select the spanner icon and from the list that appears, choose Settings. Or you can type in the address bar Chrome://settings/personal and tap Enter, and the Settings window will appear.
  • The Basics option will be present on the left. Select it. The different customization options like displaying of the taskbar, whether the bookmark is shown and the search engine to use can all be customized. In order to change, select each option.
  • On the left, the Personal Stuff option will be present, and you need to select it. The buttons, the account that Chrome syncs, and even the passwords, can be customized. In addition, by selecting Get Themes, the theme can be selected.
  • In order to customize the back end of Chrome, select under the bonnet. The different settings include the browsing history and security settings, that relates to cookies. By selecting Change, the default download directory can be selected.
According to the user’s choice, the Google Chrome settings can be altered, and if the user feels like changing them, they can be again altered. By following these steps, the Google Chrome settings can be altered to suit your choice. If you have any doubts on altering the settings or require in depth help, you may visit the Google Chrome support website. The Google Chrome support website provides the best support for all your issues with Google Chrome. Use Google Chrome to enhance your browsing experience.

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