Monday, November 18, 2013

Features Of Windows 8.1 Preview Version

Microsoft released the Windows 8.1 preview so as to address and fix many criticisms and flaws of the Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft released the Windows 8 operating system with the Surface tablets with an intention of helping the users work on an operating system that can be viewed on both mobile and desktop computers at the same time. But the sales did not go as Microsoft planned, as the system was too modern and retro for the traditional PC users. They found many Windows 8 problems including the lack of Start menu button in the desktop, which was not at all acceptable for the traditional PC users. Below we discuss some of the main features of Windows 8.1 preview.

Most of the Windows 8 users without a touch screen display found it very difficult and rather irritating to use the new Windows 8 operating system with its Metro user interface that showed all features and applications as tiles in the desktop. They were not ready to migrate from the classy interface provided by the Windows XP through Windows 7, which allowed them simplicity for access. Most companies that migrated to the new Windows 8 operating system had to give training to their employees for familiarizing with the Windows 8 user interface. This problem is well dealt in the new Windows 8.1 Preview, as you can toggle easily to the Windows 7 desktop view with a single click.

Start button
Start button in Windows 7 and previous operating systems released by Microsoft provided easy access to many time saving functions and actions. By removing this button in Windows 8, Microsoft made performing certain tasks difficult. This is well taken care of in the Windows 8.1 preview operating system by getting back the Start button at its position in the left bottom corner of the screen. In addition, the Control Panel menu is also back with its full features. Now, it is known as PC settings and includes many set of options and sub options for personalizing your computer.

File Explorer
The new retro File Explorer in the Windows 8.1 preview has dealt with almost all Windows 8 problems related with the file explorer and has additional functionality features. The File Explorer is now more like the Windows Explorer program found in the previous versions of the Windows operating systems.

Overall, Windows 8.1 preview dealt with almost all Windows 8 issues and optimized the overall experience of the PC usage. 

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