Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tips For Logging In To Windows If The Password Is Forgotten

If you have forgotten the password for your user account in Windows, you will not be able to access the files and programs in it. Follow the simple tips given below for resetting the password and start using the computer again.


If you have the password recovery disk with you, then take the disk and insert it in the optical disk drive of your PC. When the reset disk loads, it will open a small on-screen dialog box. Follow the instructions given in the dialog box for logging in to the account and then reset the password that you have forgotten.

If you have forgotten the password of one of your user accounts, then log in to the administrator account for changing the user password if you know the administrator login details. The procedure for accessing the administrator account may vary in different versions of Windows operating systems. Sometimes you will need to login using the Safe Mode option for accessing the administrator menus.

One of the best methods for resetting and recovering your lost password is to use password recover software. You will be able to find lots of recovery programs that are either free or need payment from the Windows support sites. If you do not have a password recovery program with you, download it from the internet and then move it to a CD or an external thumb drive. Now move the recovery program to your locked computer, run the program, and follow the onscreen instruction shown by the recovery program for recovering the password you have forgotten.

If any of the above methods do not work for you, then the Windows support site advices you to reinstall your operating system using the Windows setup disk for resetting the forgotten password. Remember not to overwrite the already present OS installation in your system so that if you remember the password of the account in the future, you can login to the account and access the data in the account. You will be able to use your computer if you install a new operating system in your computer, you will be able to use your computer without having to reset your password.

If you follow the simple tips given above, you will be able to use the computer even if you have forgotten your login password.

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