Monday, November 4, 2013

Troubleshooting The Problems With Bluetooth On Vista

Windows Vista is an operating system that was developed as a successor to Windows XP by Microsoft. It includes many options that were unheard in its earlier versions. These modern and sophisticated features include the ability to connect devices via Bluetooth. A Bluetooth connection can be built into the computer, or in some cases, a separate adapter may be needed. Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances and uses a radio transmission to send and receive data from a connected device. However, issues may pop up related to the Bluetooth on Windows Vista.

According to the Windows Vista help, some of the common Bluetooth Vista problems that occur are:

Device Not Recognized 
  • Sometimes, your Windows Vista computer may not recognize your Bluetooth device, you may need to remove and then reinstall the device on the system. 
  • In such cases, first go into the Control Panel and then click on the option for Hardware and Sound. Now, select your Bluetooth device from the list, and then click Remove to uninstall it from the system. 
  • After uninstalling the device, reset it and then click Add to enable the operating system to automatically reinstall the device. 
Cannot Connect 
  • Another common issue occurs when you might be having a Bluetooth device that does not connect properly to the computer. The connection from the device may also be slow or work once in a while. 
  • In such cases, where the device cannot connect to the computer, go into the Control Panel and again click Hardware and Sound. Select the Options tab and then make sure there is a check in the box for Allow Bluetooth Devices to Connect to This Computer. At any point of time, you can also contact the Windows Vista help to get more information about such Vista problems. 
Syncing Errors 
  • Sometimes, your Bluetooth device may not sync with the computer correctly. You can fix it by opening the Sync Center. 
  • You can find the Sync Center in the Accessories program group from the All Programs option in the Start menu. Once you open the Sync Center, select the option to View Sync Conflicts on the left. If a conflict is present, click the option Resolve to see solutions to fix the issue. 
Hence, these are some of the commonly occurring Bluetooth issues on the Windows Vista computer. For more information, feel free to contact our technical support.

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