Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Microsoft Introduces New Help And Tips App In Windows 8.1

Microsoft had lost most of its users to other operating systems, as Windows 7 and its predecessors were not compatible with the touch screen computers and smart phones. Hence, Microsoft decided to launch a new version which boasted of some of the sophisticated features that were missing in its earlier versions. The main attribute of the new OS was that it supported the modern touch screen devices. However, as is the case with almost every new product in the tech field, Windows 8 too had many of its features facing severe reproof from users.

Several programmers panned the new version, saying that the Windows 8 provided a clunky user experience. This even forced some of the users to contact the Windows 8 help, for help with uninstalling Windows 8 from their systems. And then Windows 8, which was Microsoft’s biggest ploy to retain its customers, backfired. However, now Microsoft is tackling the criticism, with a new update, and features that are borrowed from Windows Phone, which help the users to figure out what is what in the dramatically different software, thereby solving the confusion. According to Verge, in Windows 8.1, which is the latest update to Windows 8, Microsoft has included a Help and Tips app to get to know Windows 8.1. The new update includes the little row of three dots that a user would see in Windows Phone, for bring up extra options in an app and in the desktop software; the three dots bring up settings and options in selected apps, starting with built-in tools such as Mail, People and Calendar.

It has been a year since Windows 8 revealed a new, advanced, touchscreen-focused look for Microsoft's operating system. It has also certainly been a big change for anyone who used to run Windows 7, Vista or XP. With Windows 8.1, it is certain that Microsoft is trying to make things much simpler. The first striking change in Windows 8.1 is the inclusion of some of the features that were omitted from Windows 8. According to the Windows 8 help techs, Windows 8.1 sees the return of the Start button, as well as the option to start up straight to your desktop, avoiding the colorful but controversial home screen altogether.

Hence, it is clear that Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned in making the Windows 8.1 update the most convenient and user-friendly version of the operating system. However, how far the software giant would be successful in retaining its customers, is yet to be seen.

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