Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How To Install Skype In Windows 7

Skype is an Internet Protocol telephony service provider and chat client offering chatting, video and audio calling between subscribers along with low-cost phone calls. Apart from the usual telephone calls, Skype helps users in file transfers, for texting, video chatting and videoconferencing. The service is easily available for computers, netbook, tablets, and smartphone devices.

You will be able to download the program online from the official Microsoft Skype Support site. When it is complete, you will be able to save the program to the disk. Omni Tech support guides you through the installation process. Here are the installation steps.

First, you need to double click on the Skype Setup program you have saved or you can just click on the Run command in case you have that option available. In case the User Account Control window pops up that is asking you for permission, you need to click on Continue. Thereafter, when the installer program launches, it will ask you to choose a language. You need to select it from the drop-down list.

The next step involves the installer service asking you to read and accept the End User License Agreement. You can accept this to continue the installation. Skype installation may also ask if you want to install certain other programs or browser add-ons. Actually, here, you are under no obligation to install all these. In case you do not wish for the extras, you can anyways uncheck the box and after that, you can click on the Next button.

You need to the click on the Options button. Then, on this page, you will have the choice to launch Skype as soon as the installation process is over. This box is usually already checked. If you do not wish for Skype to launch right away, you can deselect the box just by clicking on it. You also have the option to update the Skype Extras Manager and for installing a Skype Plugin for the web browser that you have installed on the system.

You need to click the 'I agree to install' option. The program usually asks users to set up an account by entering a Name, a Skype Name, and Password. Enter the email address, country, and city. You will have a chance to choose another name. When you complete this, Skype is installed and launches itself.

Hope the Omni Tech support guides given above helped you with Skype installation. Contact our tech support desk for any assistance.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Steps To Delete Yahoo Toolbar

The Yahoo toolbar is a kind of add-on in online web browsers that lets users access different features from Yahoo. This add-on also helps in saving the recently visited sites, recent searches, along with which it provides protection against malware and viruses. This add-on also helps in creating bookmarks that would make it very easy to browse the website.

Usually, Yahoo toolbar is downloaded as a part of Yahoo applications such as Yahoo Messenger. In case you do not use this add-on toolbar or if you think that it slows down the browsing speed, you can have the toolbar removed from the browser or the computer. It is better to use your web browser without such add-ons and other toolbars. Most of the toolbars used are one of the ways in which hackers find their way into the customer’s computers. This leads to plenty of online scams, in order to avoid them, remove all the add-ons including Yahoo toolbar from the computer.

Removing Yahoo Toolbar From Web Browsers

  • Launch the web browser, for instance Mozilla Firefox. 
  • From the browser window, click on the Firefox menu. 
  • Now click on the Add-Ons menu. 
  • Skim through the list and find Yahoo Toolbar. Select the same and click on Remove. 
  • Close the list of add-ons and then Close the web browser.
Uninstalling Yahoo Toolbar From The Computer
  • Click on the Start button to the lower left of the desktop. From the Start menu, click on the Control Panel, which appears to the right of the menu. 
  • When the Control Panel window appears, look for the Add\Remove Programs icon, and double click on the same. 
  • This will open a window with the list of all programs and software installed in the computer. 
  • Look for Yahoo Toolbar from the list, select the same and then click on Uninstall or Remove button, which is located at the top of the list. 
  • The moment you click on Remove, you will see a prompt that would ask you to confirm the removal. Click on Yes and follow the other onscreen instructions. 
  • When the removal completes, Restart the computer. This will refresh the setting and the changes made would become effective. 
To stay away from any potential threats or hacks including online scams, it is better to remove such undesirable add-ons and toolbars from the web browser.

Monday, November 24, 2014

What To Do When Outlook Will Not Start

The modern version of Murphy’s Law dictates, whatever that can go wrong, will go wrong at the worst possible moment. Most users would attest to the fact that Outlook online email client would go corrupt and refuse to open up in rare occasions when you really want it to work. The inoperability of the program compounds the issue since the user has no clues about what went wrong and cannot troubleshoot it effectively.

The best solution when dealing with such an issue would be to adopt a systematic approach to solving individual issues with the online email client. This is the fastest way to troubleshoot the issue since you will be able to prioritize the easily solvable issues before moving on to harder issues. Instead of following methods recommended by online scams, here’s what you have to do.

Corrupted Navigation Pane: the most common issue
  • Click on the Start menu and then click on Run. 
  • From inside the Run window, click on the text box and type in outlook.exe /resetnavpane and press Enter. 
  • If you are using Windows versions higher than Windows XP, click on the Start menu and type in the command into the Start search button. 
  • Doing so will automatically reset the navigation pane and restart Outlook. 
Turn off Compatibility Mode In Outlook
  • Click on the Start menu and then type in Outlook.exe in the search field. Alternatively, you can navigate to the destination folder itself.
  • Right-click the search result and then click on Properties. From inside this menu, click on Compatibility tab and then disable the Run this program in compatibility mode for setting.
  • Close the Properties window and then Restart Outlook.
Deleting the Outlook PST file

This method should only be opted if you are unable to recover the PST file and nothing else seems to work. Doing so will delete all your Outlook data, which means, you should try this method as the last resort.
Click on the Start menu and then again click on the Run menu.
Inside the Run window, type in %appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook and press Enter.
This will open up the Outlook folder where the configuration files are stored. Click on the files and then press Delete.

Although Outlook is a reliable software, it is always advisable to keep back-ups of the data. This way, you will not lose important emails if there are issues with your Outlook email client. Try to make these changes only if you do not care if your data is corrupted and refrain from falling for online scams that promise to troubleshoot all issues with your computer.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Professional Tech Support Service For Your Firm

Most firms out there already know the importance of hiring a professional tech support firm to take care of the many IT problems that would pop up during their regular business operations. The IT professionals you have in your employment might not always be in a position to take care of such problems. Though they will be good at handling certain software or hardware components, they will lack the expertise in many other areas, for sure.

Getting help from professional tech support firms

This is where professional tech support firms like OmniTech Support can come to your rescue. As the tech support service personnel from OmniTech guides your IT personnel, you can be sure that the problem will be fixed in no time. A big tech support firm like OmniTech Support will have certified professionals for different software products and services.

So, no matter whatever the IT problem your company may face, they will have someone at OmniTech Support, who can help you with the problem. For minor tech problems, you can always refer the OmniTech guides and tech support articles published on their website. These articles deal with many of the software problems and they contain detailed troubleshooting steps for solving the same.

For more serious tech support, you can dial the OmniTech Support helpline, where you can get free chat support for a fifteen-minute duration. For additional support, you would have to pay for the particular service that you avail. Another option is to pay for their annual or half-yearly subscription plans. You will be getting 24/7 tech support service throughout the duration of this subscription period.

Such round-the-clock support will make sure that the IT systems you have in your office are well maintained and protected from virus attacks and malware infections. This will also help to make sure that your official website and other online services will stay online all the time without interruptions or technical errors.

However, unforeseen errors can always happen and you might have to contact the OmniTech Support personnel, when such things happen, to get the necessary assistance. They have provided a dedicated helpline number for their paying customers as well as the Live Chat and Remote Access tech support options.

They are indeed aware that your business operation cannot afford any downtime and as such, their tech support personnel will try to resolve the issues in the shortest time possible. So, call their helpline number in the event of an IT problem or signup for the tech service subscription to get round-the-clock service.

Getting The Best Technical Help

Have you noticed that your computer is running slow lately and you do not know what to do? Do not worry, you are not alone! There are millions of computer users around the world who do not have a clue on how to speed up their PC. In the case of slow computers, you will have to find out the exact cause of the issue and fix it. Many things can contribute to computer slowness and without knowing the exact cause, you will not be able to get rid of the issue permanently. If you are not a computer geek, it will be a good idea to seek help from the various tech support firms round the globe to speed up your PC.

These technical support companies have a group of trained technicians who can help you get rid of almost all the issues with your computers. If the issue is caused by any faulty hardware, you will have to get it replaced to fix the issue. If your computer is running very slow and you do not know what to do, you can seek assistance on fixing the issue from tech support firms. Omnitech support is one such firm that has been lending a helping hand to the lost computer users, and it allows testing Omnitech support services beforehand. The technicians at Omni tech support are well experienced and will be able to find out the cause of the computer slowness. It can be caused due to software conflicts, low memory, corruptions in the registry files and many more reasons.

A software program that you have installed lately may be conflicting with some other program that was already installed in the computer to make it crawl like a snail. If this is the cause, you will have to remove all the instances of the conflicting program completely from the PC to make it run fast. This is just one scenario and the causes can be numerous. Only a trained technician will be able to find out the exact cause of the issue. One of the advantages of contacting Omnitech support is that it offers only genuine support services.

Testing Omnitech support is simple and the steps to do so are explained in the official website. It is always good to test something before buying it; it should be the same case while opting for tech support services also.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Installing Microsoft Lync Add-On In Outlook

Microsoft always focuses on providing much more advanced software products for their enterprise customers. For most of the products that average customers use, there will be an enterprise version, which is much more advanced and suited to the corporate environment.

Take, for example, Microsoft Lync. This is a corporate communication application that can be used for setting up VoIP chats, video calls, and video conferences with excellent Microsoft chat support. This is the successor to MS Office Live Meeting software, which Microsoft discontinued before the introduction of their Office 365 service.

Normally, there will not be any need for linking your Outlook mail client to Microsoft Lync. Both these applications are elements of the corporate network and are connected to the Exchange server individually. In other words, Microsoft Lync options will be automatically added to the Outlook menu once you set up the Exchange account in Outlook.

But, in some cases, this might not happen that easily. The solution here is to download and install the Microsoft Lync plug-in for Outlook. Normally, this plug-in will be added to Outlook when you install the Microsoft Lync client application in your system. However, if the Lync options do not show up on your Outlook menu, then there is a good chance that these added Lync buttons are grouped under the Disabled Items list in Outlook, and are waiting for activation.

In such cases, go to the Help menu in the Outlook toolbar and select the option Disabled Items. This will launch the Disabled Items list, where you will see the Microsoft Lync or Microsoft Conferencing add-in for Outlook. Select the relevant item and click on the Enable button aligned to it. Now, restart Outlook to let these changes take effect.

Remember that you might have to log in as Administrator to make any changes in the settings. Using the Lync buttons on the Outlook toolbar, you can schedule meetings, send invites and so on, making the office communication much easier.

Normally, this will fix this issue. But if your Outlook email client does not connect with Lync even after you tweak the settings, visit the official Microsoft tech support website, and download the Fix It solution for enabling the Lync or Conferencing add-in for Outlook. Also, see if the Outlook mail client you are using is indeed compatible with the Microsoft Lync client.

Microsoft deployed this solution, as soon as it became apparent that many corporate users were experiencing this problem. If you still cannot fix this problem though, it is best to contact Microsoft chat support for assistance.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Mail Attachment Recovery In Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is used by majority of the computer users to manage their email messages. Outlook program has many other features like Calendar, contacts, task scheduler and more. Most Outlook users think that an email attachment is lost permanently when they delete the mail in the email client. Only a few of the users know that the Outlook program saves attachments that are considered safe in a temporary Internet folder. From this folder, the email attachments can be accessed, if this temporary folder has not been cleared in the meantime. Users can open the temporary Internet files in their PC to locate the temporary Outlook folder to get back the attachments in Microsoft Outlook program.

OLK finder is a software program that is designed to provide a very good solution to do Outlook repair. This application will automatically scan to locate the temporary Outlook folder and then the program will list all the attachments that have been stored in that folder. OLK finder is very effective in fixing Outlook errors. This application can be started from any location. The user has to manually select the version of the Outlook program at the top for the contents to be displayed. Available are all the versions of the Outlook program like Outlook 97 to Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. Outlook Finder program tries to locate the temporary Outlook attachments by itself, after selecting the version of the Outlook program.

All the Outlook attachments that have been found will be displayed at the lower part of the interface of the program. The users will then be able to select some or all of the files that are listed in the interface of the OLK finder program. If you wish to open a particular file that is shown by the program, you can just double click on that file to launch it immediately. Right clicking on the file will show the usual Windows Explorer context menu options to send or copy the selected files. Outlook finder will be the ideal program, if you wish to restore Microsoft Outlook mail attachments that you got recently.

Users who clear the Internet cache regularly may not be able to make use of the program to the fullest. File recovery programs will be the only option to such users. If you wish to know more on the Outlook repair steps to use the OK finder program, you can contact our tech support team.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Include Signature With Pictures In Outlook Express

It is easy to send email messages along with a personal signature. Many of the users just make a text signature. But what if you could add a signature with pictures in Outlook Express? There are ways to do this and precisely, there are two ways. Both these ways are easy and after you have decided on the image to include in your signature, you can have custom email messages sent to everyone in your Outlook address book. The Outlook Express help tips that are shared below will help you include signatures in the Outlook Express email messages.

Making a Signature with an Image
  • Make a file to use for a signature. You can just cut and paste a picture into a document or you may use a single picture as your signature. You will have to remember the location and filename of the image file.
  • Click on the Tools menu, then select Options and click on the tab that is marked Signatures.
  • Select the New button and at the bottom half of the page, under Edit Signature area, click on the circle next to File and then select the Browse button. Locate the file that you have made in first step for your signature and then select it.
  • At the top of the Signature page, select whether you need to add the signature to all outgoing mails to use only for original compositions by selecting the appropriate box. Click on the OK button to finish the steps and make your signature.
Change Your Stationary to Include an Image 
  • Choose Tools from the menu bar and then click on Options.
  • Open the Compose tab and check the box next to Mail.
  • Click on Select button and then locate the stationary file that you want to add to your email messages. These are email formats that may have images, layouts, or specific fonts. Click on the OK button and the selected stationary will be used for all the email messages that you compose, reply to, or forward.
These are the steps to include signatures with pictures in the Outlook Express program. If you have any doubts in any of the steps that are explained above, you can contact the Outlook Express help and support team. They will help you to finish the steps without encountering any errors. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Oracle Clarifies About Java Support For Existing Windows XP Compatible Versions

In a recent blog post, the Vice President for Oracle’s product management made a sincere attempt to explain their plan to clarify their Windows tech support for Java on Windows XP OS. Vice President, Mr. Henrik Stahl initially dismissed all unnecessary speculations like ‘Oracle will end Java updates and support for Windows XP’. Adding to that, he also said that their company expects the current Java versions for XP to continue to receive the needed Windows tech support even after the XP End of Support. Microsoft officially ended their tech support for XP OS this year. The facts mentioned below will provide you a better picture regarding the subject.

Extended Java support for Windows XP compatible versions

Though Oracle made their official decision very clear through the media, they were not ready to make commitments regarding other technical support for Windows XP. In this context, it is very clear that Oracle will not be held responsible for any other technical problems or complaints reported by the users since the Windows tech support is no longer available to the OS.

At the same time, you can see that new Java 8 is not technically designed for being installed on Windows XP computers. The installer developed and released for Java 8 will not run on Windows XP computers without the help of some manual intervention. As mentioned on the Wikipedia page, this simply means ‘directly unzipping from the installation executable’. Mr. Henrik Stahl also said that it was possible that their company might choose not to fix this technical issue for an unsupported OS. Another major problem pertaining to this issue is that the Java 8 is also not available to the end users. This is why Oracle insists system users to upgrade to latest operating systems. As a result, Java users will no longer have to worry about any technical issues or the lack of technical support while using their Java version.

The future rounds of Java updates are due to be out in the month of July 2015 and will subsequently address almost 20 remotely exploitable flaws. In short, what we will get to see is that the latest Java 7 and 8 patches will work effectively on computers with the Windows XP operating system regardless of the end of technical support. Therefore, it is not much of a catastrophic situation, but it is highly advisable to upgrade to the latest Windows OS versions to enjoy a trouble free computing experience.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Read Your Mac Drives On Windows Using Paragon Software

There is a lot of difference between the Mac and Windows operating systems. This causes numerous problems to some users, who own two computers running on these platforms.

Most of us avoid such problems by using compatible OS and software applications often made by the same tech firm. But, if you are a working professional, you might have to deal with incompatible software running on your home and work PC.

Paragon software takes care of the Mac drive incompatibility in Windows

Take for example, the hard drive in your system. For the Windows OS to run smoothly, this should be formatted as NTFS file system. However, in case of Mac OS, the file system format is different, as it uses the HFS protocol. So, the hard disks is Mac and Windows operating systems will have to be formatted differently, and hence one OS will not recognize or read the other.

This can become an inconvenience to someone, who has to access some important files stored in the hard drive on (say) the office computer on home PC. However, as always, some clever software developers out there have come up with a solution for this problem. Most of these solutions are paid applications, but the recently released Paragon software application designed for this purpose offers a trial too. A freeware version for limited Windows OS versions and file systems is also available.

So, you do not have to pay anything for trying it out. Just download this software on your Windows PC and you will be able to read the Mac hard drive on your Windows PC. If everything runs smoothly, as the software developer claims, then you can pay for an upgrade to the full version before the trial period expires.

According to Paragon developers, when your install this application in your Windows 8 OS, you get all the necessary Windows 8 drivers for all the different file system formats, and not just the HFS system used in Mac. In other words, you no longer have to worry about such file format incompatibility issues anymore.

The freeware edition of this software is available only for the latest Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 OS platforms, which has the Windows 8 drivers for reading the HFS+ file system format. For other HFS variants and different file system formats, you will have to buy the paid version though.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Troubleshooting Issues With Windows Update

One of the best methods that you can follow to keep your computer safe and secure is to update your computer at regular intervals. It is better that you configure your Windows operating system to download and install updates automatically. Since more and more threats are released to the industry day by day, you need to have the latest updates installed in the system for keeping it safe and secure from malicious programs and users. However, installing some updates might lead to malfunctioning of the computer. Here we discuss some simple instructions that anyone can follow to troubleshoot issues with Windows update.

  • First thing that you need to do is to review the updates installed with your system recently. This can be done by navigating to the Control Panel window and by choosing the System and Security option found in the window. From the options shown on the screen, click on the View Installed Updates found under the Windows Update heading. Now you will be able to view all the updates installed on your system. 
Now for removing an already installed update from your computer, Windows support team advises you to follow the simple instructions given below.
  • Launch Control Panel and then select the System and Security option found in the window if you are using Windows 7 operating system. However, if you are using Windows Vista operating system, choose the option labeled as Security. 
  • Click on the option named as View Installed Updates found under the Windows Update tab found in the window. The system will now show you all the installed updates as a list. You can sort the list according to the date of installation of update by clicking on the Installed On heading found at the right side of the list. 
  • Now from the list of updates populated on the screen, select the update that you would like to remove from the system by clicking on it. When you select the update, a new button named Uninstall will appear on the screen, Windows support centre advises you to click on it to remove the installed update from your system. 
  • Follow the instructions shows by the un-installation wizard to remove the update. When the removal process is completed, restart the computer to make the changes permanent. 
If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to review and remove installed updates from your system with ease.

Friday, August 8, 2014

How To Rip An Audio CD In Mp3 Format Using Windows Media Player?

You can’t always get your favourite MP3 songs online. Occasionally, you will have to buy a CD or DVD that contains your favourite songs from outside. If you want to copy these songs from these CDs or DVDs to your smartphone or iPod, you will need to rip the songs on the CD/DVD in MP3 format. Windows Media Player lets you do this with ease. But one thing that needs to be kept in mind while ripping your DVD songs in MP3 format using Windows Media Player is that you need to choose a different format other than WMA.

Being a built-in application in Windows OS, Windows Media Player is integrated with Windows Live help. So, you can seek real time assistance from the support desk in case of any unexpected issues during ripping. Here are the simple steps you need to work out to rip your CD/DVD in MP3 format in WM Player.


  • Turn on your PC and navigate to the Start button. 
  • Choose the Search option and enter Windows Media Player in the type field. Hit the Enter button on your keyboard to proceed. 
  • Locate Windows Media Player in the search results and click it to open. 
  • When the application is loaded, take the audio CD and insert it in the drive. 
  • Wait for the application to recognize the CD that you have inserted. It might take a few seconds because the application has to gather track information and display it in the main pane. Once it is completed, the CD will start completing itself. 
  • Now, navigate to Rip Settings and choose MP3 format. Hereafter, every CD you rip will be made in the selected format, that is MP3. 
  • After that, go to the menu bar that is found on top of the track listing and choose Rip CD option. Windows Media Player will start ripping the songs now. Once all the songs in the CD are ripped, the media player will move them to the default Music folder in your PC. You can send them to your portable music player, mobile phone or iPad. 
With the help of the above instructions, you must have successfully ripped your CD using Windows Media Player. Now, buy audio CDs of your favourite songs, rip them, copy them to your music player and enjoy. For any assistance, get support from the Windows Live help desk.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Choosing Between A Laptop And A Tablet

The evolution of computers has gone from basic calculators to computers and from handy laptops to tablets. With the advancements made, the outer size of the device has diminished, but the capacity has significantly increased. So if you are looking forward to buy a new computing device, this comparison between tablet vs laptop will help you decide.

Latest tablets are able to do multiple tasks as a laptop or desktop computers can do. However, this does not make a laptops outdated. Instead, there are certain restrictions with tablet PC when compared to a laptop.

When looking at the input methods, we can see that the physical keyboard is missing in tablet devices. When it comes to creating presentations and typing documents it is easier in a laptop. However, you can connect an external keyboard to a tablet, if you have the provision to do so.

When it comes to storage, tablets are not as efficient as the laptop. Laptops can have hard disk space with as much as ten times the memory size of a tablet. Therefore, you can only opt to store data locally in a tablet, and the rest you will have to store either online or in a laptop or PC.

Some of the limitations in a tablet are when you use websites like booking a ticket or banking websites. The interface of such websites is easier to navigate when on a laptop than with a tablet. You would stumble upon some of the drop down menus in these websites while browsing them on a tablet, due to their non-adaptive interface.

As most banking websites make use of a lot of JavaScript, it will be much better to browse the website on a laptop. When flash is being used on the website, then there would not be many issues in a tablet, but you would not find it as easy as on a laptop.

To come over these limitations in a tablet, various apps developed by banking websites and shopping websites are designed in such a way that allows a user to work with ease, but if there are issues with the app, using it on a laptop will be the only way out.

Each device has its own pros and cons. When talking about portability, tablets would be easier to carry around than the laptops, but when comparing printing options in tablet vs laptop, we can conclude that it is easier in a laptop.

There are many other dimensions that set tablets and laptops apart. So it is better to settle upon a device that suits better as per your needs.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Windows Tech Scammers Continue Haunting Customers

Scammers pretending to be Microsoft Tech support technicians continue to haunt people on phones and off late have become very bold and aggressive.

An alarming thing about these scammers is that they do not find any signs of slowing down, says the executive head of Microsoft’s customer service and support group, Kirsten Kliphouse. She also added that they have been hearing about the scammers through friends and family and the tier one technicians, that the scammers are getting stronger every day. It is not only individuals that they are targeting but also business people.

They call up customers and scare them talking about a possible viral attack, befriend them and offer to help with the issue. Later when they get into the customer's computer, they mess up with things leaving the customers helpless but express their grief and concerns to Microsoft.

These scammers are good at convincing the customers about the vulnerability of their computer system to viral attacks with the help of Windows logs. Since these Windows logs usually show the scores of errors with less impact, the scammers are able to convince the customers with the same and urge them for buying their product.

The helpless customers are charged with the worthless services. They are cunning enough to slip in malwares and spywares while they still have the customer’s system under control. Thus, with this, a good system turns into a useless electronic device. 

Back in the year 2010, these swindles were common and slowly picked up pace in the year 2011, with more and more such events occurring in the same year. Microsoft immediately warned the customers on this regard and asked them to be aware of such issues. In October 2012, Microsoft impelled FTC, federal trade commission to file charges against six fraudsters. Then later with the investigations, FTC found out that the virtual turmoil has reached another level because of the scammers.

In the year 2013, FTC settled with three alleged swindlers, imposing a judgment of 964,000 dollars in one of the instances and a 14,000 dollars fine in another one. Nevertheless, the investigations, penalties and the accusations could not do much to stem the tide of fraud calls.

This has affected the customers so adversely that they are not ready to even rely on genuine Microsoft tech support representatives. The tech support representatives find it difficult convincing the customers in order to gain access into the computer to render support. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Microsoft Offers Gift Cards And Special Offers To Ditch XP

Windows XP was recently removed from the list of supported products by the software maker Microsoft. But, fact is, nothing much has changed, there are millions still using this aging operating system.

The major problem for upgrading is the cost involved in migrating to newer versions. Identifying this problem, the software giant offered $50 gift cards to any Windows XP user who buys a new Windows 8.1 device. As per the latest data, more than 18 percent of the computers in this world are powered by Windows XP. This means a staggering number of Windows users have not yet moved on to newer versions. This is quite surprising when the company has already pulled the plug on the 13-year-old operating system software.

Their reluctance to move on to newer versions is quite understandable, especially when we start analyzing various problems. Many SMBs depend on Windows XP for their various projects or works. Many accounting software programs run only on Windows XP. Moreover, upgrading to newer versions and the training to be given to the personnel, is a costly affair. Not many SMBs would be willing to invest time, effort and money. Another possible reason for the reluctance is confusing interface of Window 8 or Windows 8.1. The new metro style is too modern for their taste. Some of the basic features are absent or not easily accessible. The most surprising one is the absence of Start.

Whatever may be the reason there are some stubborn users not willing to move to later versions of Windows. Experts over Microsoft live chat highlight that the tech giant is trying to do everything possible to convince Windows them to switch to upgraded Windows operating system. In order to get users to ditch Windows XP, they’ve revealed that users who purchased any one of 16 different Windows 8.1 powered machines were offered a $50 gift card (it was valid till April 30). This gift card is valid for future purchases at the software company’s e-store.

Another offer (much more recent), consists of $100 rebate on new systems and tablets for anyone who trades up from Windows XP. However, it is not for all systems. It is valid only for select computers priced at $599 or above.

Microsoft seems desperate to get rid of Windows XP. Even for users, there are not many options left other than migrating to newer and better versions of the Windows OS. I’d say that this is better now while the offer is valid. And so would many others.

For more news related to Windows XP, you can get in touch with experts over Microsoft live chat.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Activating Windows 7 Online

Windows 7 is considered to be the most user-friendly operating system that also comprises of several advanced features. Now, since Microsoft has ended the services of Windows XP, most of the XP users are also in the process of switching over to Windows 7. This is because this operating system provides the most comfortable computing experience among other versions. If you face any kind of issues while installing Windows 7 online, the best option is to call up the Windows online support team.

However, you can also follow these instructions provided by the same technicians to manually activate Windows 7 OS in your system:
  • In the first step, you can click on the Start Menu. This will open up a list of programs existing in your computer. Now, you can right click on the Computer button, and then click on the Properties option.
  • Next, you can check the Windows activation section at the bottom. Under this, you will find the 30 days to activate option. Click on this option and then activate the Windows now link. Now, you can select the Activate Windows online now option.
  • If you get prompts by UAC, make sure to click on Yes. You need to enter your valid Windows 7 product key number, and then click on the Next button. However, if you have already entered your product key number during the clean installation or Upgrade installation of Windows 7, you won’t see this screen.
  • If it is successful, you need to click on the Close button. Sometimes, you may get error message that says the product key you have entered is non-genuine, or not valid. In some rare cases, the message may also indicate that the product key is either being used on another computer or is counterfeit. In such cases, the best option will be to contact the Windows online support and the technicians here can surely help you out with the correct product key.
  • Once you get the correct product key and enter it, Windows 7 installation gets started in your system. Now, wait until the operating system gets activated.
  • You can restart your computer to make it adjust to the Windows 7 settings.

These steps can help you to successfully activate Windows 7 online in your system. To get more information on the advanced features in Windows 7 operating system, you can always dial our 24/7 Windows technical support number.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Release Of New Chromebooks Poses Major Threat To Windows

Microsoft could soon find a tough competitor to its Windows operating systems, as we would see a new range of Chromebooks this summer. It is expected that the new Chromebooks will pose a major threat to the existing Windows dominance in the segment. The latest version of Chromebooks released boast of consuming lesser battery power and runs on Intel microprocessors. Most of the major PC manufacturers like ASUS, Acer, Dell, Lenovo and Toshiba will be releasing Chrome based desktops soon. The pricing for these PCs could be in the range of 300 to 400 dollars. It is interesting to note that most of the PC manufacturers getting ready to release Chromebooks have released numerous versions of Windows based PCs earlier.

Experts believe that one of the factors that might have tempted the PC makers to release new models with a different operating system could be the decline in PC sales, which in turn is attributed to the increasing popularity of other devices like tablets and Smartphones. Another factor could be the release of Surface tablets by Microsoft, which competes with the tablets from these manufacturers. Therefore, the new move by the PC makers can also be seen as a payback.

One of the worries for the software giant is that one of it’s major partners, Intel, is now expanding aggressively. The chipmaker is already building hardware for Smartphones and other technologies. Besides, the company is currently developing processors for 20 Chromebook designs. Keep in mind that this number was only 4 last September.

One of the drawbacks of Chromebooks was that there was no hard drive in it. This made Chromebooks look inferior to other PCs. On the other hand, Windows based PCs have this feature, according to Windows support. However, Google has been working rigorously to remove this perception form the users. There have been many additions in the new Chromebook so that it keeps the users entertained even if there is no internet connection.

Even though there has been a wide support for Chromebooks over the past few months, the number of PCs running on Chrome operating system is still very low. According to the reports, the number of Chrome books sold last year does not even account for one percent of PC shipment around the world. Windows is still running strong and about 80 percent of the PCs shipped had Windows operating systems installed in them. Windows support and its features still support the Windows operating systems. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

About Microsoft’s Fix It Software For Vista And XP

Windows 7 users have an inbuilt diagnostic utility to fix common errors and problems they come across in their operating system. Although there is nothing similar for XP or Vista, users of these operating systems could download a free software solution called Microsoft Fix It. But since Microsoft stopped supporting XP, there has been no available option to do this into an XP machine. Nevertheless, Vista users can still download it from Microsoft’s support site.

Microsoft’s Fix It to address IE errors

If you are a Windows Vista user, you can download the free Fix It software from Microsoft support site. The software could be used to fix temporary errors found in most of the Internet Explorer versions (IE6, IE7, IE8 and IE9). Microsoft also claims that the Fix It solution could be used to fix around 300 Windows problems.

How to address Windows problems with the help of Fix It software?

In order to address a Windows problem using the Fix It software, you ought to execute the program. When you execute the program, it will scan your operating system for errors with performance and display quality. You will be notified about the errors. When the notification appears, select the Run button associated with each notification to launch an independent troubleshooter. You should be able to run each troubleshooter within a few minutes.

Online Fix It

Microsoft launched the online version of Fix It in 2008. Users with active internet connection need not download the offline version. They can use the online version which is more up to date and effective than the offline one. The former is quite handy. It checks for the problem and is able to pinpoint it exactly in a matter of seconds. Meanwhile, the offline Fix it version you’d have to manually operate. At times, it may fail to pinpoint certain Windows problems.

Microsoft Fix It is a must have Microsoft tool for Windows XP and Vista users. It allows users to address common problems and errors that they come across in their operating systems. The best thing is that, if you have the Fix It software in hand, you don’t have to look for a software expert to troubleshoot your Windows issues. If you are a Windows Vista user, feel free to contact Microsoft support desk to know more about the Fix It software.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Seeking Online Assistance To Open An Unknown File Extension In Windows Vista

Sometimes you may come across a file that cannot be executed by Windows Vista. This would occur on two cases: either the file is corrupted and cannot be executed, or you do not have the application that is required to run it. You can either solve this problem by contacting our Windows Vista help staff or read the below post to solve it yourself.

Downloading a large file only to discover that it is corrupted can be frustrating, but it’s even worse when no compatible program exists. The icon representing that file will be a blank sheet and double-clicking the file will merely pop up the following cryptic error message on the screen:

“To open this file, Windows needs to know what program you want to use to open it. Windows can go online to look it up automatically, or you can manually select from a list of programs that are installed on your computer.”

If you are sure that the compatible program is installed in your system and the program can be used to open this type of file, choose the option “Select a Program from a list of Installed Programs.” A new window will appear where you can view the list of installed software on the personal computer.

If you have no clue which program will open this mystery file, you are left with few options. A long and cumbersome method would be to check the extension of the file and find out compatible programs online that can run this file. The extension can be determined from the name of the file itself. If the displayed name is “filename.extname”, then “extname” is the extension which can provide you clues into the type of file and which software can open it. Usual extensions are .exe for executable files, .jpg for image files and .mp3 for audio files.

The easier solution would be to select the first option “Use the Web service to find the correct program.” Windows automatically searches online for the right program. An Internet Explorer window will pop up displaying the Microsoft website. Microsoft automatically identifies the file type and describes it to you. It further suggests a web site from where you can download a suitable program. Click on this link, visit the website and download the recommended program. Once it’s downloaded, install the program and click the file again. At times, Microsoft routes you directly to the third party website where you can download the program and repeat the same procedure.

If you are unable to open the files even after following these instructions, feel free to contact our Windows Vista help staff.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Procedure To Remove Unwanted Toolbars Permanently

Toolbars are browser add-ons that functions in their own context of internet search mechanism. Glued to web-browsers, toolbars are actually programs that enhance the functionality of browser and facilitates internet surfing. Most web-browser toolbars contain a search bar, various online surfing tools, and links to websites. However, as most of the toolbars are installed automatically in the browser as part of a software bundle, they might invade your computer with a malicious intent.

In normal cases, toolbars improve your online searches, offer quick access buttons to your favorite websites, and some even provide pop-up blocking options. But, some toolbars can be extremely irritating. The thing that irritates a user the most is the automatic changes made to the default home page or search page setting in the browser. Furthermore, there are some toolbars, which claim to be beneficial for enhancing your internet search function, but are actually spyware programs.

It is better to uninstall such unwanted toolbars permanently from your web browsers before they do any harm to the system. Here are the instructions to remove toolbar from your computer.

Instructions to uninstall toolbars from Windows
  • Go to the Start menu by clicking on the Start button located on the lower left corner of the desktop screen. Click on the Control Panel link to proceed. 
  • Move on to the Uninstall a program icon under the Programs folder, and scroll through the list of currently installed programs, to find the toolbar that you want to remove. Highlight the entry and click on the Uninstall button against it. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the toolbar, and Restart your computer when prompted, to allow the changes take effect. 
How to remove toolbar from Internet Explorer
  • Start Internet Explorer application, and click on the Tools icon. Choose Manage Add-ons: Enable or Disable Add-Ons link. 
  • Click on the Show button, and select the add-ons that you do not want. Click Disable, and restart the browser to complete the task. 
How to remove toolbar from Firefox
  • Start Mozilla Firefox and then click on the Tools button. Select Add-ons and click on Extensions tab. 
  • Select the toolbar you want to remove in the resulting page, and click on the Uninstall button. Restart the browser and finish the procedure. 
The above steps should help you remove the unwanted toolbar from your computer. However, if you want further help in the matter, contact technical support team for assistance.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Microsoft Signals The Release Of Latest SharePoint Online Version

Office 365 is considered as an impressive Microsoft service. Perhaps, this may be the reason why the software giant is planning to upgrade some of the components of Office 365. As an initial step, Microsoft would roll out a new version of its SharePoint Online product. The new version will be made available to all licensed Office 365 users. However, the Redmond has not given any clear indication about the date of release of the new version.

What we could expect in the latest version of SharePoint Online (SPO)?

According to a recent post published in Microsoft help forum, the latest version of SharePoint Online would contain impressive and brand new features like improvements on the stability of the service, simple user experience and better performance. It is said that the new features are added as per the suggestions and feedbacks from Office 365 users across the world.

Customers unhappy over unclear date of release of latest SPO version

Meanwhile, it is widely believed that the Microsoft’s decision not to reveal the date of release of the latest version of SPO has made most users unhappy. SPO is one of the most popular services with Office 365. There are even users who subscribe Office 365 to use SharePoint Online. All the company has made clear in its recent announcement about the new version of SPO is that the option for users to self-upgrade the service will be made available soon. Fortunately, there is a point to be happy though. All licensed users of Office 365 will be notified about the upgrade one month in advance. So, you have plenty of time to prepare before upgrading to the latest SPO version.

Option to postpone the update

The latest version of SPO will extend all the advanced options to the personal users of the application that the enterprise users are currently enjoying. For instance, the latest version of SPO allows customers to decide when to use the update. If any user wishes to upgrade to the new service later on, they are free to choose to make the upgrade later on. This option was not included in the previous version of SPO.

A blog post released in Microsoft help forum recently indicates that SPO contains several new features little refined options to manage files and documents, simple navigation options for professionals to manage sites and the likes. If you want to know in detail about the newly added features of the latest SPO version, get in touch with Microsoft support.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Installing Windows 8.1 Media Center In Windows 8 Pro

For the Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP Media Center Edition users who wish to watch and record TV shows with the Windows Media Center, it was a great disappointment that Microsoft did not bundle the Media Center in the Windows 8 operating system. Many of the users are very much disappointed that Microsoft has not included the Media Center with the Windows 8 operating system.

However, the users can add it to Windows 8 Pro by buying the Windows 8.1 Media Center Pack, or you can upgrade to Windows 8 to Pro with the Media Center with the Windows 8.1 Pro Pack. The user will be receiving a product key for the installation upon the purchase. Then in the Windows 8 operating system, search for the add features and run the Add Features wizard to install the Windows Media Center Pack.

Microsoft requires the users to activate the Windows Media Center after the installation is completed successfully. While trying to activate the product, you may get the error message "Unable to activate Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center or Windows 8 Pro with Media Center." This message will appear if your Windows 8 installation is not genuine. This can also occur if the Windows 8 product key that you received at the time of purchase is not genuine. This is a very rare case and can happen when you buy the key from a third party vendor or an already used product key.

If this is not the case, you can try running the Add Features wizard again and then select the option for activating via phone. Alternatively, you can search for and run the SLUI 04 app that also lets you to activate the product by phone. After selecting your country or region, you will be displayed a screen that shows the correct dial-in number for activating the product. You may then follow the prompts to finish the activation.

If you are still facing any problems, you need not worry as you get a short period of free tech support while buying one of the packs that install the Windows Media Center. If you fail to install Windows 8 Media Center edition, you can try contacting the Microsoft tech support for assistance with installing Windows 8 Media Center. Make sure that you have the product key to install Windows 8 Media Center available before contacting the tech support team.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Microsoft Slashes Azure Cloud Service Fee To Take On The Competition

Cloud service is the latest emerging technology in the IT sector and already big companies like Microsoft and Amazon are trying to gain a stronghold in this field. However, as in the case with the latest operating system, the popularity of a cloud service platform would also depend on the number of compatible apps available for it.

About Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the cloud service platform from Microsoft. It is an infrastructure as a service product. What this means is that companies can subscribe to this service as a storage solution and thus reduce their IT infrastructure needs.

The Azure platform includes online storage facilities as well as software applications that would help with the various needs of the organization. This meant that Microsoft needed the software developers out there to develop more apps for their Azure cloud service platform.

To facilitate this Microsoft provided the developers special discounts and Windows support tools to encourage them to develop more application for the Microsoft Azure platform. And, so far, this has been going well.

Microsoft Azure faces more competition

Microsoft has always assumed that with their operating systems and MS Office products all linked to and available through the Azure cloud platform, they would have an edge over the other cloud service providers online. However, with more and more tech firms joining the cloud service bandwagon these days, Microsoft is facing stiff competition.

Many cloud service providers like Amazon and HP are now upgrading their service from just online storage facilities to that of IT infrastructure platforms and thereby, competing directly with Windows Azure. This has led to a situation where each of them is trying to reduce their prices as much as possible in an attempt to outcompete the others.

Recently, Microsoft announced that they are going to reduce their Windows Azure storage prices to match the low fee offered by the Amazon cloud services. So far, Amazon cloud service has maintained an advantage over its competitors by providing the lowest prices in the country.

This has forced Microsoft to slash the prices for its Windows Azure cloud services. Recent surveys show that when taken in to account the different cloud service subscription package fees, Microsoft’ Azure and Amazon EC2 now offer pretty much the same price.

However, when you take in to the excellent Windows support services as well as the MS Office applications, clearly Windows Azure is the best cloud service platform available.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Microsoft To Provide Security For XP Until 2015

Microsoft has already ended support for the Windows XP operating system, leaving most of the XP users in jeopardy. Although the company has been warning customers for more than one year to switch over to the latest versions such as Windows 8 and 8.1, many still preferred using XP. Now, with no service updates from Microsoft, these users can be said to be facing security threats. Hence, Microsoft has come up with a solution for these customers, and has announced to provide a basic level of cyber security for XP until July 2015.

According to the Windows XP help, the company had earlier decided to end all of its support for XP on April 8, 2014. Needless to say, this was a perfect ploy by Microsoft to make all its XP users shift to either Windows 8 or 8.1. This was because even after the announcement from Microsoft to shelve XP, the popularity of the operating system among the users remained unaltered. When compared to the market share of XP and Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 reached nowhere close to these. As stated by the reports, almost a third of the desktops in the world used XP, and it included even large IT firms and banking institutions.

Several XP users had contacted the Windows XP help to know about the consequences they will face after Microsoft officially ends the support. The technicians warned them about the security threats and related issues the aged operating system would become vulnerable to. Hence, the users were advised to migrate to the latest operating systems. But still, most XP users did not prefer using Windows 8 or 8.1 in their systems, as most of them found these to be much complicated to run on. Hence, even after ending XP support, many users still rely on this 12 year old OS or switched over to other operating systems other than Windows. Thus, the decision that promised to allure the customers to Windows 8 and 8.1 seemed to backfire for Microsoft. Now, Microsoft has announced that the company will be providing basic security options for XP users. These include malware signatures for Microsoft Security Essentials, System Center Endpoint Protection, Forefront Client Security, Forefront Endpoint Protection and Windows Intune until July 2015.

Hence, this latest announcement from Microsoft seems to come as a relief for the XP users who were a bit skeptical in continuing with the OS. However, it is yet to be seen what new strategies Microsoft employs to promote Windows 8 among the users.

Monday, May 5, 2014

How To Delete Google Toolbar From Internet Explorer

Google toolbar is a web browser add-on that clings to a web browser with the aim to facilitate overall browsing activities of an internet user. With the help of this add-on, users can easily access their favorite RSS feeds and News, check emails, views social media sites, or search the web, without opening a new tab for the purpose. However, as most of the web browser toolbars are tagged malicious, many users enquire how to remove Google toolbar from their computers despite the fact that it helps them in many ways.

Uninstalling Google toolbar is an easy process, but the procedure may vary depending upon the version of your web browser and operating system. Here, we discuss how to remove Google toolbar from different versions of the Internet Explorer application.

Instructions for Internet Explorer 7 users
  • Launch the web browser by clicking on the shortcut icon on the desktop or the taskbar. Click on the Tools button located at the top menu bar, and select Manage Add-ons. 
  • Opt for Toolbars and Extensions from the pop-up menu and locate Google toolbar in the resulting page. 
  • Highlight the entry and click on the Disable/Remove button against it to uninstall the add-on. 
Instructions for Internet Explorer 8 users
  • Open Internet Explorer 8 on your computer and move on to the Tools tab located on the top menu bar. 
  • Click on Internet Options from the drop down menu and select Advanced. 
  • Opt for Reset in the pop-up dialogue box, and click on Reset button once again in the resulting page. 
  • Select Close in the next page to uninstall Google toolbar. 
Instructions for Internet Explorer 9 users
  • Launch Internet Explorer 9 on your computer and click on the gear icon located at the top right corner of the browser screen. 
  • Opt for Manage Add-ons from the resulting list of options, and select Toolbars and Extensions. 
  • Locate and highlight Google toolbar entry in the next page and click on the Disable/Remove button against it.
When done with the uninstallation, restart the application and complete the procedure. However, be reminded that the above steps only apply to removal of Google toolbar from Internet Explorer application, and the toolbar will still be present on other web browsers. If you want to uninstall the add-on from your computer completely, you can remove the program via the Control Panel utility. Get in touch with our team of experts for assistance with the matter.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Tips For Joining Windows Live Messenger

Microsoft has released many programs and applications for making the tech lives of their customers easy. One such application from Microsoft used for communication purposes is Windows Live messenger. It is a popular email messaging program that has many features and functions. You just need to sign in to your Windows Live account, if you want to make use of the Windows Live Messenger. Moreover, this will also help you access some other features of Live Messenger like Family Safety and Photo gallery. The access to Hotmail will also be available, if you sign up for the Windows Live email. Well, given below are some easy instructions from the Windows Live support team for joining Windows Live messenger service.

  • Double click on the shortcut icon for your web browser and navigate to the homepage of Windows Live messenger. 
  • At the top of the webpage, you will see an option called Messenger. Click on it. Next, you need to download it to your Windows computer. After finishing the download, you need to install it on your computer. 
  • After the installation, you need to start the MSN messenger application and on the login screen, you need to click on the button labeled Sign Up. 
  • Now a window will be opened on your screen where you need to provide email address, if you already have one or you need to create a new one by clicking the option called Get a Windows Live email, if you do not have one.
  • Next, you need to click the option Create a password. 
  • In the available window, you need to enter your personal information like first name, last name, country, state, postal code, gender and the year of birth. 
  • Now a captcha code will appear on the screen. Enter it. You can click on the option called New, if you do not understand the code that appeared on the screen. You can also seek the audio help by clicking the Audio button. 
  • To finish the registration, you need to click on the option called I accept. 
  • Next, you need to login to the Windows Live messenger by providing your email address and password in the appropriate fields.
The above instructions from the Windows Live support team will help you to successfully log in to the Windows Live messenger service. To know more about this, dial the Windows support number.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Look At The Features Of OutDisk FTP Add-On

Along with being an advanced email application, Outlook is also used as an effective and secure personal information manager by the users. Although this email application enables users to easily send/receive emails, sometimes the users may experience certain issues in Outlook. Some of the common reasons that lead to the common Outlook issues include Firewalls and inbox size restrictions, which make it difficult for users to insert files as attachments to email messages.

When enquired about Microsoft Outlook issues, the Outlook tech support team said that although file sharing services exist, these are not usually considered as the best option due to various factors. These include questions about HIPAA regulations, privacy, snooping, and data retention policies that remain beyond the sender’s control. But now, the users can heave a sigh of relief as Microsoft has introduced the latest OutDisk FTP Add-on. With this amazing feature, the users would be able to upload file attachments from their emails directly to a server that would remain under their control. Hence, the add-on can be stated as a practical solution, especially for those business firms that would wish to have more control over their data their users need to share. This would help in the smooth flow of the business.

Now, if you are the sender of the message, you would be able to compose the message in Outlook and attach the emails as you do while sending in the normal case. While sending the message, you can go ahead and click on the Use OutDisk button in order to manually activate the upload. You can also try uploading the file by exceeding a file size threshold by setting the size to 0 bytes to upload all files. Once you set it like this, you would be able to upload all the files automatically to the company server that exceeds the threshold size. As a result, a link to the file would be inserted into the email message. Until the recipient downloads the file, it would remain on the server and once it is downloaded, it would get removed automatically. According to Outlook tech support, if the users find any issues regarding the OutDisk FTP Add-on, they can always seek assistance to know more about Microsoft Outlook.

These are some of the features of the OutDisk FTP Add-on. To know more about the features of this application, feel free to contact our technical support team.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tips To Chat With A Gmail Address In Windows Live Messenger

In offices where a large number of employees work, essential communication should be established so that easy communication between different employees is possible. Offices, be it big or small are connected by means of the internet and for all the employees, internet access will be possbile. By availing internet and using Windows Live Messenger service, the employees can easily connect with the other co-workers who use Windows Live Messenger.

By availing the services of Windows Live Messenger, communication among co-workers is made simpler and more efficient. The use of Windows Live Messenger is not restricted in offices alone. Even in homes, Windows Live Messenger service can be availed and users may chat with ease.

A huge plus point that Windows operating systems boast of is that Windows Live Messenger works flawlessly without incurring any faults. By logging in, you have the freedom to chat with your friends who are available online and share stories, send photos etc and have a joyful time online. Registration of your Gmail account is necessary to use Windows Live Messenger with it. In order to successfully register your Gmail account, you have to follow the below mentioned Windows Live support guidelines.

Steps to follow

  • Navigate to Windows Live ID and complete the Create Credentials form.
  • In the section of E-mail Address, type in the Gmail address.
  • In the sections of Retype Password and Password, enter a suitable password of your choice.
  • There may be an instance where you may have forgotten your password and in order for identity confirmation, select a suitable secret question and the relevant answer. Always choose a question and an answer that you can easily remember. Type in the validation code and choose Continue.
  • In the field that is given, retype the email address and choose the I Accept button.
  • Access your Gmail account. Your inbox will contain a mail that was sent by Windows Live. In order to navigate to the website, access the mail confirmation link.
  • Choose the button by the name Continue.
  • Access Windows Live Messenger. By availing the Gmail address and the newly made password, perform the login procedure.
  • ]Now you may chat with your friends.
By following the above mentioned Windows Live support guidelines, you can easily register your Gmail account and with ease you may use Windows Live Messenger to chat with your friends.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Steps To Remove Yahoo Toolbar

Yahoo toolbar, like all the other web browser add-ons claims to enhance the browsing experience of the users by providing quick access to their favorite websites among the many other things. There are many benefits of using the Yahoo toolbar, but you may need to get rid of the Yahoo toolbar if you feel that the toolbar is making your browser very slow.

The steps to remove the Yahoo toolbar may vary depending on the web browser that you use. Luckily, the Yahoo toolbar is available only in two web browsers, namely Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

The steps to remove Yahoo toolbar from IE and Firefox are explained below. You can follow these steps carefully to get rid of the toolbar from these web browsers without encountering any errors.

Remove Yahoo Toolbar From IE
  • Click on the Windows Start button and choose Control Panel from the Start options.
  • In the Control Panel options, double click on Add/Remove Programs and move down the list to locate Yahoo Toolbar from the list.
  • Click on the name of the program to select it and choose the Remove button. Close all the open IE windows and restart the web browser for the changes that you have made to take effect.
These are the steps to remove the Yahoo toolbar from Internet Explorer web browser. Now let us see the steps to remove Yahoo toolbar from Mozilla Firefox web browser. The steps to remove Yahoo toolbar Firefox add-on are explained below.

Remove Yahoo Toolbar From Firefox
  • Open the Firefox web browser and choose Add-ons. Depending on the version of the Firefox web browser that is installed in your PC, you may have to select Extensions instead. 
  • Scroll down the list to find out the Yahoo Toolbar.
  • Click on it to highlight it and then select Uninstall. Click again to confirm your choice.
  • After doing the above steps, you can close the Extensions Manager or Add-on Manager window and restart the Firefox browser for the changes that you have made to take effect. 
These are the steps to remove Yahoo toolbar Firefox add-on. If you have any doubts or confusions in any of the steps that are discussed above, you can contact our technical support team. They will help you get rid of all the instances of the Yahoo toolbar form your computer without getting any errors.

Windows Optimized Mozilla Firefox Released

The latest Aurora update for Firefox offers the Mozilla community a peek inside the new touch-optimized Mozilla Firefox. The latest addition to the family is a version that has been specially designed and coded from the ground up, to integrate seamlessly in the Windows 8 Modern User Interface.

The new touch friendly version of Firefox has been developed to greatly enhance browsing experience on any tablets running the latest Windows operating system. The new Firefox app has a tile based Firefox Start experience and also supports Firefox Sync, and Windows 8 touch and swipe gestures. But hold on, there is more – the new app also has Snapped and Fill views, with a Windows Share integration which gets delivered to users on a beautiful, modern and streamlined interface. The Firefox app now has been specially designed and optimized for use on Windows 8 and takes browsing to whole new levels.

The new Firefox version for Windows 8 uses the gecko rendering engine similar to Firefox desktop. This powerful engine allows support for WebGL for stunning 3D graphics along with asm.js, which ensures the JavaScript is supercharged in the new browser. The version also allows developers to port high performance C++ games to the web. In addition a hardware accelerated HTML5 video is also supported in the new Firefox browser which includes open video formats like WebM and other proprietary formats likes H.264. This new Firefox version is already creating quite a buzz in the tech community and should also help in boosting the sales.

You could also upgrade the your operating system to the latest Windows 8.1 operating system which is a free upgrade for all those who already had a license for its predecessor. The update is available from the Windows Store and has improved upon a lot of features that many users complained of in the previous operating system. The return of the Start button, an option to boot directly into the desktop rather than the Start screen, and other cool upgrades, should prop up Windows 8.1 sales.

You can test it out too by first ensuring that Firefox Aurora is the default browser on your Windows tablet computers. Visit the Windows Start screen and look for the Firefox Aurora tile. If you have already gotten the Windows 8.1 update installed, check up in the All Apps screen and locate the Firefox Aurora tile and pin it to your Start screen.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Accessing The Ms Remote Access Tech Service Using Windows Live Messenger

Microsoft is known for providing excellent tech support services for all their products and services. However, most users are only familiar with the Microsoft Support phone number mentioned on the product package and the Microsoft support website. There are many other ways of accessing the Microsoft support network.

One of these is the Windows Live technical support, where you would be able to chat online with a Microsoft tech expert to find the solution to your problem. Here, Microsoft provides the Remote Access option as well, which allows tech support personnel to access your system over the internet for fixing the problem.

Accessing the Remote Access support using Microsoft Live Messenger

The Remote Access can be accessed using the Microsoft Live Messenger application you have in your system. You need to have a Windows Live ID to access the Windows Live technical support this way. Log in using your Windows Live ID on your Windows Live Messenger. Now, start a Remote Access session with the tech support personnel or any of your friends, who has the know-how to help you with your problem.

For this, you need to find the Ask for Remote Assistance option in the Tools menu. Of course, the person you are sending the invitation, must be online to start the Remote Access session. Once he accepts the invitation, your operating system would ask you to confirm the Remote Access session, and the permission for accessing your system. You need to click Yes here.

This starts the Remote Access option, and your tech-savvy friend would now take control of your system and fix the problem for you. Once this is done, you need to click on the Stop control option to end the Remote Access option.

During the session, the link to the Start menu on your system would appear as a second Start menu on your friend’s system. This would make it very easy for him to open the system files and settings and troubleshoot the problem for you. The Remote Access tech support option can be accessed using any of the Microsoft chat messenger applications.

One of the easiest ways to start the Remote Access session with the Microsoft tech support service is through the Microsoft Help and Support option in your operating system. You would find the Remote Access option for tech support, under the Ask for Assistance category.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Troubleshooting The Internet Explorer 7 Error Messages

Internet Explorer is the default web browser of the Windows operating system. When the program experiences some issues, it displays you an error message stating the reason for the error and an error code for finding the fix for the error online. Here we discuss how a user could fix the errors occurring in Internet Explorer 7.

  • The first thing that you should do is to redo the action that made the error message in the first place and then follow the exact wording of the message with the error code without any error.
  • Open your web browser, it will be better if you open one web browser other than Internet Explorer and then navigate to the Microsoft help forum.
  • In the top corner of the page, you will be able to find a search box, enter the error message you got in the search box and then press the Enter button in the keyboard for searching solutions for fixing the issue.
  • However when entering the error message, be sure to include the error number in the search so that you will get the appropriate result for the problem from the Microsoft help forum. Usually the first result will be the solution for your problem.
  • Click on the search result that is most appropriate for your error and then follow the instructions given in the article for correcting the error.
  • If you are not able to get a satisfactory solution from Microsoft forums, try visiting the Microsoft answers forum for finding the solution for your issue.
  • Navigate to this address - http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/default.aspx. 
  • As in the case mentioned above, search for the solution by entering the error code and then select the solution that is best suitable for you.
  • If you are lucky, someone would have already encountered this issue and posted a question stating about the issue, open the thread and then read all the answers posted by the Microsoft support team. 
  • Try out the solution for fixing your problems while using the Internet Explorer web browser.
  • However, if there is no related threads on your question, post the issue as a new thread in the forum by clicking on the link named Ask a Question.
  • After sometime, you will be able to get the support instructions from any one of the Microsoft support team professionals.
If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to fix the errors in Internet Explorer web browser with ease.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How To Use Inbox Repair Tool

One of the most widely used email clients and personal manager tools, the MS Outlook application is ideal for business professionals and individuals alike. It has tools like calendars, notes, journals, and tasks. All the information from your emails to your calendars and notes are saved in PST files. The PST files consist of all your data in Outlook. However one of the small drawbacks of using Outlook is that you have to deal with PST file corruption from time to time. PST files may get damaged due to a wide variety of reasons ranging from virus attacks through your mail, corruption of the PST file header, or the PST file itself exceeding the maximum size.

Fortunately there is a default tool in Outlook that can fix these issues easily. The Inbox Repair Tool is the Outlook repair software that comes with the application.

Instructions to use Outlook repair software
  • First download and install the Outlook PST Repair Program. Now run the application and click on Select Outlook Data file option. This will help you choose the corrupt PST file that needs to be repaired.
  • Start the scanning process. Click on the scan button to start scanning.
  • If you wish to interrupt the scanning routine then just click on the stop button provided. This button will immediately stop the scanning process.
  • Once you have successfully completed scanning, a preview of all the files that have been corrupted will appear in the left pane of the window. You will also notice that there is a Save button that can be employed to save recovered file
  • Now click on the Save Recorded File option and specify a location where you want to save the file. Once these files are saved they are available for access.
  • Any ongoing process can be tracked in the progress bar.
  • Once the corrupt files have been restored you can have access to the same from where they have been saved.
The Inbox Repair Tool is useful against all types of issues but it is not powerful enough to handle sever corruption issues. In such a scenario it is advisable to use third party software to fix your Outlook PST files. These use better algorithms to detect even the smallest issues and can fix your Outlook PST files in no time. If you need more Outlook help guidelines just contact a customer support service professionals who can diagnose and fix your issues quickly.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Avid Releases Pro Tools 8 Update With Windows 7 Support

Avid revealed this week the latest update to their DAW application, Pro Tools, with a mentionable revision or update in version 8.03. The great thing about this new version is that it can support Apple Snow Leopard (OS X), and also has a public ‘beta’ for Windows 7 32-bit AND 64-bit support. Additionally, through this Windows online support article we are letting you know that this latest version do not support Avid’s oldest hardware interfaces (Mbox), or any PowerPC Macs.

Another thing is that it is available in Pro Tools HD, LE, and M-Powered versions, PT 8.0.3 also has many new “requested software improvements and fixes” based on what Avid has revealed.

Moreover, Avid has provided a detailed PDF containing the details of over 100 fixes to PT8, but some of the more noteworthy fixes include editing (keyboard shortcuts), video (QuickTime error under Vista), MIDI errors with Reason 4 through Rewire, and MIDI zooming etcetera. Digidesign databases are now actually stored on system drive rather than the usual individual volumes (it is indeed about time they did that), and memory improvements have been made during indexing; ‘don’t show dialog again’ option has been inserted to many common error and warning dialog windows (even this should have been done much before). There is considerable improvement seen in the horizontal scrolling with trackballs and Apple Mighty Mouse.

In case of Windows users that are running Vista, or who have installed the Internet Explorer 8 under Win XP SP3; there has been a major fix for Pro Tools covering the DAW not launching when Internet 8 is installed on Windows. But, we would like to add in this Windows online support article that some plug-ins will probably still not work properly in case IE8 is installed, this includes Structure, Strike, Velvet, and Hybrid. This issue is being worked on.

In case you are planning to migrate to Windows 7, then there are also many updated hardware drivers. First of all, this update is a ‘bug fix’ update, and not actually ‘new features’ update (which could probably mean a full dot revision).

In case of those users using the Avid’s latest ELEVEN rack hardware, there are some reports of ‘runtime errors’ with Windows PT LE when opening a new session, and also Avid is recommending users of that hardware to not to update to this version in case you are using the Windows version of LE.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Get Free Microsoft Evaluation Products

Those who subscribe to TechNet are in for a rough ride in the upcoming months. The Microsoft low-cost subscription service which helps subscribed individuals evaluate and test software, ended last year. As always, for more money you get an MSDN subscription, which provides much of the same tools as TechNet. However, if you needs are more specific, then getting free TechNet Evaluation Center would be a better alternative.

However the Redmond-based company has been promoting the program very strongly, which also provides free downloads of Microsoft products. You will find everything here is a complete evaluation version, with no restriction on any of its features. The software can be installed and run on any machine, or even a virtual machine. The software giant also promised that it will be providing older versions of Windows and Microsoft Office, to run a free evaluation along with all the products in the current package. The main goal behind this decision is to let IT pros install software, and employ them for their pilot projects and compatibility testing.

So many offers, but surely, there must be a catch right? In fact there is. These downloads all have a time stamp on them, which means as soon as the dates expire, these will stop functioning, or have a reduced functionality. However, the testing period for the programs ranges from a mere month to six months –ample time to finish all the different testing procedures. The lineup in the package contains support for the following:
  • Windows 7 Enterprise Evaluation with a maximum duration of 90 days.
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Evaluation, which lasts about 180 days.
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 with support for 60 days.
  • Project Professional 2010 with support lasting 60days.
  • Vista Premium 2010 with support up to 60 days.
Those products that are already running at their extended support, are not part of the list. This means Windows XP or Windows Vista, Server 2008, and any Office version before 2010, will not be part of the list. If you sign into TechNet you can get the download links pretty easily. You will have to agree to a couple of emails that Microsoft will send over to you during your evaluation phase. Some of the new additions to the products available on TechNet include the Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation, Windows Server 2012, Windows Small Business server 2011, and Office 365 Pro Plus.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Add Icons In Vista Notification Area

Notification area is the space where the system shows you notifications about the programs running in the background and also shows the messages related to the system. In a Windows Vista computer, the notification area is found in the right side of the taskbar, just beside the system clock. Windows allows the user to change the notification characteristics. You can add or remove icons from the notifications area by following the simple Windows help instructions given below.

  • Move the mouse pointer to the extreme left side of the taskbar and then press the Start button found there to open the Start menu. 
  • Now right click on a blank space in the Start menu to open a context menu and then select the Properties option from it. 
  • You will be able to view a new window on the screen with the name Properties, now click on the Notification Area tab found at the top of the window. Now you will be displayed with all the icons present in your system in the window, you can select which icons to display on the notifications area by putting a check mark in the check box found beside the options. If you do not wish to show an already shown icon, remove the check mark in the checkbox found next to it by clicking on it. 
  • Now click on the Customize option found in the window for modifying the notification area further. Now the window will show you additional icons that can be displayed on your notification area. You have the option to add the preferred icons to the notifications area. For showing an icon in the notification area, click on the icon and then select the respective command that would apply for the icon like Show, Hide, or Hide when inactive. 
  • After selecting the desired setting, click on the Apply button and then on the OK button for applying the changes and for saving the changes you have made in the notifications area. 
  • Click on the OK button for exiting from the taskbar properties window. 
If you follow the simple instructions given above from the Windows help site, you will be able to make changes to the icons displayed in the notifications area in your computer. If you are not able to add or hide some icons in your notifications bar, feel free to contact the Microsoft support team.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Fix Issues Associated With Outlook Crashing

Outlook is known for its various features and is considered as one of the best email clients in the world. It helps you to install add-ins in it to access email programs. However, like any other software programs, Outlook is not free from troubles. If your Outlook program has a connector added to it, you are likely to face more troubles.

Steps Involved 

Some of these Outlook problems include crashing or hanging abruptly. In this post, we will help you to fix these issues associated with Outlook.


The most important thing before you begin the troubleshooting steps is to find out whether the Outlook program has the latest updates installed in it. For this, you may select the option Office Updates, and download and install the latest updates for the program. It is also important to find out whether you have the latest updates for your operating system. In order to verify this, select Windows Update and confirm that you do not have any updates pending. If anything exists, download and install the same. Since your Outlook program has a connecter installed in it, it is advised that you check the version of the connector. Find out whether you have the latest version of the connector in your program. For this, select Help and then click About Kerio Outlook Connector.

Create new profile

If your email account has a corrupted profile, you may encounter this trouble. In order to fix this issue, you may create a new profile. Follow the steps given below to do this.

  • Select Start menu and open Control Panel. 
  • In the Control Panel window, select the option Mail. 
  • The above step will open the window for Mail Setup - Outlook. 
  • Click the button Show Profiles. 
  • You will find the existing profiles in the program. 
  • Select the button Add and follow the on-screen commands to create a new profile. 
  • Keep in mind that the Default Delivery Location should be set to Kerio Outlook Connector Store. 

If you still experience troubles with your Outlook program, verify the status of your Antivirus program. Antivirus programs scan your email clients for threats and this could cause the program to crash. You may disable the email scanning options in your antivirus program and find out whether the issue is fixed.

We hope that the above given steps have helped you fix the Outlook problems in your computer. For additional assistance, you may contact Microsoft chat support or our technical support team. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

About The Slide To Shutdown Feature In Windows 8.1

Slide to Shutdown, a feature in Windows 8.1 that made news a few months ago is almost forgotten now. Though the feature went viral before Microsoft made any official statement about it, it has given way for other Windows 8.1 features online. According to the Windows 8 support experts, the slide to shutdown feature was incorporated in Windows 8.1 update to assuage the discontented Windows 8 users who faced myriads of inconveniences due to the missing Start button.
Well, the good news is that the Slide to shutdown feature is back in the news. According to an unofficial report from Microsoft, the Slide to shutdown feature would find its way to Windows 8.1 RTM. The feature would appear as an equivalent of the slide to shut down feature in popular Windows Phones.

Slide to shut down - an easy method to turn off the systems

Though Slide to shutdown feature is not making news these days, it has been approved by many as the easiest method to turn off the system. The feature was greatly appreciated in systems powered either by Windows RT 8.1 Preview or by Windows 8.1 Preview.

How to use the slide to shutdown feature

Using Slide to shut down is simple and should not cause you any trouble. To use this feature, you need to press down the power button down until the Slide to Shutdown option flashes on your monitor. Approximately, you might have to press down the button for up to 4 seconds. If your computing device is touch-enabled, you need to simply swipe down the lock screen to perform the instant shut down of the computer. If you have wondered if this feature was equivalent to the same feature in Windows Phones, it is indeed so.
Though it seems that Slide to shut down feature is compatible with all the Windows 8.1 computers, you are partially wrong. Though the feature is quite compatible with the Windows 8.1 operating systems, it is not supported in machines that do not feature the connected standby option.
Connected standby is a feature that converts your system into the model of a smartphone. If your computer has this feature, you can use it just as you can use it in your smart phone. To know how to enable the connected standby option in your Windows 8.1 system, get in touch with the Windows 8 support.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Steps To Remove The Ask Toolbar

Toolbars are on-screen applications that represent a specific website or a service. When you click on these applications while browsing the web, these toolbars would take you to the website that they represent. Here, you would be asked to type your search query again. Once you enter, a list of search results would appear. Hence, the toolbars are meant to provide a convenient browsing experience for the users.

The Ask Toolbar can be termed as a browser add-on and is an extension of the Ask.com search engine. This commonly found toolbar helps you to search for varied contents such as images, videos and news from the Ask search engine, once you click on it. As mentioned earlier, the Ask toolbar puts the Ask search engine directly on your internet browser which enables you to conduct a search using the Ask search engine from anywhere on the Web. However, sometimes the Ask toolbar might lead to some irritating situation because in some cases, the toolbar might replace your browser’s default home page. Hence, in such cases, the Ask toolbar removal would be the ideal option.

You need to try the following steps to remove the Ask toolbar from your computer before contacting the Microsoft tech support:

  • In the first step, you need to click on the Start menu, which you would find on the left bottom of your computer screen. Now, go ahead and select the option Control Panel.
  • You would get a list of options displayed wherein you can either click on the option Uninstall a Program or Programs and Features.
  • This would show you all the programs existing in the system. Here, you just need to scroll down and click on the Ask Toolbar, which you want to remove. 
  • Now, click on the Uninstall button and enter your administrator password and click Continue, once you get the prompts. A dialog message would pop up asking you to confirm your selection. At any point of time you can contact the Microsoft tech support to know more about the Ask toolbar removal.
  • Now, click OK and confirm your selection. This would launch the uninstaller and remove the Ask Toolbar.
  • Now, click OK once you see the un-installation dialog box. Once the process is complete, close it and restart the browser.

Hence, these steps would help you remove the Ask toolbar from your system. For more information on the un-installation, feel free to contact our technical support.