Monday, January 13, 2014

Simple Steps For Setting Up Email In Outlook

Outlook is an email client application that helps you send and receive emails through your favourite webmail services. Well, you might wonder why one needs to setup email in Outlook when he or she can enjoy the webmail services independently. By setting up email in Microsoft Outlook application, you can combine the features of both your webmail service and Outlook application and enjoy them together. Microsoft has simplified the procedure for setting up email in its latest versions of Outlook. In Outlook 2010, the procedure is rather simple and can be done in a very short span of time. Here are the instructions.

  • Launch your Microsoft Outlook application. If you are opening the application for the first time, the application will display a Startup wizard. Press the Next button to proceed to the page titled Email Accounts and select Next to begin the email account setup process. 
  • You are now on the Auto Account Setup page of Outlook. Gathering details from your system, Outlook may attempt to fill in the fields such Your Name, Email Address and so on. Press Next only if the auto-filled details by Outlook are correct. 
  • In case the auto-filled settings are incorrect, make sure that they are edited with accurate details. To edit the other details, click the link that says Manually configure server settings or additional server types. 
  • Fill in appropriate details in all the three sections (Account Details, Server Details, Login Details) of the email setup page.
  • In the Account Details section, provide your name and email address. 
  • In the Server details section, type the server details for the Incoming Server and Outgoing Server addresses.
If you are unsure of these details, then get in touch with the customer service department of your email service provider and request them to provide you the details.
  • Next, fill in the appropriate details in the Login details section 
          Username: type your username of the email account
          Password: type the password of your email account.
  • After providing correct details in the above mentioned fields, click OK and select the button titled Test. 
  • Outlook will attempt to access the server and start downloading emails. If the connection has been established successfully, you will receive a message stating ‘Your email account is successfully configured. 
  • Press the Finish button to exit the setup wizard. 
Following the above instructions, you would be able to setup email in Outlook. If the Outlook application encounters any unexpected errors, get in touch with the Outlook support personnel.

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