Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Steps To Remove The Ask Toolbar

Toolbars are on-screen applications that represent a specific website or a service. When you click on these applications while browsing the web, these toolbars would take you to the website that they represent. Here, you would be asked to type your search query again. Once you enter, a list of search results would appear. Hence, the toolbars are meant to provide a convenient browsing experience for the users.

The Ask Toolbar can be termed as a browser add-on and is an extension of the search engine. This commonly found toolbar helps you to search for varied contents such as images, videos and news from the Ask search engine, once you click on it. As mentioned earlier, the Ask toolbar puts the Ask search engine directly on your internet browser which enables you to conduct a search using the Ask search engine from anywhere on the Web. However, sometimes the Ask toolbar might lead to some irritating situation because in some cases, the toolbar might replace your browser’s default home page. Hence, in such cases, the Ask toolbar removal would be the ideal option.

You need to try the following steps to remove the Ask toolbar from your computer before contacting the Microsoft tech support:

  • In the first step, you need to click on the Start menu, which you would find on the left bottom of your computer screen. Now, go ahead and select the option Control Panel.
  • You would get a list of options displayed wherein you can either click on the option Uninstall a Program or Programs and Features.
  • This would show you all the programs existing in the system. Here, you just need to scroll down and click on the Ask Toolbar, which you want to remove. 
  • Now, click on the Uninstall button and enter your administrator password and click Continue, once you get the prompts. A dialog message would pop up asking you to confirm your selection. At any point of time you can contact the Microsoft tech support to know more about the Ask toolbar removal.
  • Now, click OK and confirm your selection. This would launch the uninstaller and remove the Ask Toolbar.
  • Now, click OK once you see the un-installation dialog box. Once the process is complete, close it and restart the browser.

Hence, these steps would help you remove the Ask toolbar from your system. For more information on the un-installation, feel free to contact our technical support.

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