Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Avid Releases Pro Tools 8 Update With Windows 7 Support

Avid revealed this week the latest update to their DAW application, Pro Tools, with a mentionable revision or update in version 8.03. The great thing about this new version is that it can support Apple Snow Leopard (OS X), and also has a public ‘beta’ for Windows 7 32-bit AND 64-bit support. Additionally, through this Windows online support article we are letting you know that this latest version do not support Avid’s oldest hardware interfaces (Mbox), or any PowerPC Macs.

Another thing is that it is available in Pro Tools HD, LE, and M-Powered versions, PT 8.0.3 also has many new “requested software improvements and fixes” based on what Avid has revealed.

Moreover, Avid has provided a detailed PDF containing the details of over 100 fixes to PT8, but some of the more noteworthy fixes include editing (keyboard shortcuts), video (QuickTime error under Vista), MIDI errors with Reason 4 through Rewire, and MIDI zooming etcetera. Digidesign databases are now actually stored on system drive rather than the usual individual volumes (it is indeed about time they did that), and memory improvements have been made during indexing; ‘don’t show dialog again’ option has been inserted to many common error and warning dialog windows (even this should have been done much before). There is considerable improvement seen in the horizontal scrolling with trackballs and Apple Mighty Mouse.

In case of Windows users that are running Vista, or who have installed the Internet Explorer 8 under Win XP SP3; there has been a major fix for Pro Tools covering the DAW not launching when Internet 8 is installed on Windows. But, we would like to add in this Windows online support article that some plug-ins will probably still not work properly in case IE8 is installed, this includes Structure, Strike, Velvet, and Hybrid. This issue is being worked on.

In case you are planning to migrate to Windows 7, then there are also many updated hardware drivers. First of all, this update is a ‘bug fix’ update, and not actually ‘new features’ update (which could probably mean a full dot revision).

In case of those users using the Avid’s latest ELEVEN rack hardware, there are some reports of ‘runtime errors’ with Windows PT LE when opening a new session, and also Avid is recommending users of that hardware to not to update to this version in case you are using the Windows version of LE.

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