Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How To Use Inbox Repair Tool

One of the most widely used email clients and personal manager tools, the MS Outlook application is ideal for business professionals and individuals alike. It has tools like calendars, notes, journals, and tasks. All the information from your emails to your calendars and notes are saved in PST files. The PST files consist of all your data in Outlook. However one of the small drawbacks of using Outlook is that you have to deal with PST file corruption from time to time. PST files may get damaged due to a wide variety of reasons ranging from virus attacks through your mail, corruption of the PST file header, or the PST file itself exceeding the maximum size.

Fortunately there is a default tool in Outlook that can fix these issues easily. The Inbox Repair Tool is the Outlook repair software that comes with the application.

Instructions to use Outlook repair software
  • First download and install the Outlook PST Repair Program. Now run the application and click on Select Outlook Data file option. This will help you choose the corrupt PST file that needs to be repaired.
  • Start the scanning process. Click on the scan button to start scanning.
  • If you wish to interrupt the scanning routine then just click on the stop button provided. This button will immediately stop the scanning process.
  • Once you have successfully completed scanning, a preview of all the files that have been corrupted will appear in the left pane of the window. You will also notice that there is a Save button that can be employed to save recovered file
  • Now click on the Save Recorded File option and specify a location where you want to save the file. Once these files are saved they are available for access.
  • Any ongoing process can be tracked in the progress bar.
  • Once the corrupt files have been restored you can have access to the same from where they have been saved.
The Inbox Repair Tool is useful against all types of issues but it is not powerful enough to handle sever corruption issues. In such a scenario it is advisable to use third party software to fix your Outlook PST files. These use better algorithms to detect even the smallest issues and can fix your Outlook PST files in no time. If you need more Outlook help guidelines just contact a customer support service professionals who can diagnose and fix your issues quickly.

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