Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tips To Chat With A Gmail Address In Windows Live Messenger

In offices where a large number of employees work, essential communication should be established so that easy communication between different employees is possible. Offices, be it big or small are connected by means of the internet and for all the employees, internet access will be possbile. By availing internet and using Windows Live Messenger service, the employees can easily connect with the other co-workers who use Windows Live Messenger.

By availing the services of Windows Live Messenger, communication among co-workers is made simpler and more efficient. The use of Windows Live Messenger is not restricted in offices alone. Even in homes, Windows Live Messenger service can be availed and users may chat with ease.

A huge plus point that Windows operating systems boast of is that Windows Live Messenger works flawlessly without incurring any faults. By logging in, you have the freedom to chat with your friends who are available online and share stories, send photos etc and have a joyful time online. Registration of your Gmail account is necessary to use Windows Live Messenger with it. In order to successfully register your Gmail account, you have to follow the below mentioned Windows Live support guidelines.

Steps to follow

  • Navigate to Windows Live ID and complete the Create Credentials form.
  • In the section of E-mail Address, type in the Gmail address.
  • In the sections of Retype Password and Password, enter a suitable password of your choice.
  • There may be an instance where you may have forgotten your password and in order for identity confirmation, select a suitable secret question and the relevant answer. Always choose a question and an answer that you can easily remember. Type in the validation code and choose Continue.
  • In the field that is given, retype the email address and choose the I Accept button.
  • Access your Gmail account. Your inbox will contain a mail that was sent by Windows Live. In order to navigate to the website, access the mail confirmation link.
  • Choose the button by the name Continue.
  • Access Windows Live Messenger. By availing the Gmail address and the newly made password, perform the login procedure.
  • ]Now you may chat with your friends.
By following the above mentioned Windows Live support guidelines, you can easily register your Gmail account and with ease you may use Windows Live Messenger to chat with your friends.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Steps To Remove Yahoo Toolbar

Yahoo toolbar, like all the other web browser add-ons claims to enhance the browsing experience of the users by providing quick access to their favorite websites among the many other things. There are many benefits of using the Yahoo toolbar, but you may need to get rid of the Yahoo toolbar if you feel that the toolbar is making your browser very slow.

The steps to remove the Yahoo toolbar may vary depending on the web browser that you use. Luckily, the Yahoo toolbar is available only in two web browsers, namely Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

The steps to remove Yahoo toolbar from IE and Firefox are explained below. You can follow these steps carefully to get rid of the toolbar from these web browsers without encountering any errors.

Remove Yahoo Toolbar From IE
  • Click on the Windows Start button and choose Control Panel from the Start options.
  • In the Control Panel options, double click on Add/Remove Programs and move down the list to locate Yahoo Toolbar from the list.
  • Click on the name of the program to select it and choose the Remove button. Close all the open IE windows and restart the web browser for the changes that you have made to take effect.
These are the steps to remove the Yahoo toolbar from Internet Explorer web browser. Now let us see the steps to remove Yahoo toolbar from Mozilla Firefox web browser. The steps to remove Yahoo toolbar Firefox add-on are explained below.

Remove Yahoo Toolbar From Firefox
  • Open the Firefox web browser and choose Add-ons. Depending on the version of the Firefox web browser that is installed in your PC, you may have to select Extensions instead. 
  • Scroll down the list to find out the Yahoo Toolbar.
  • Click on it to highlight it and then select Uninstall. Click again to confirm your choice.
  • After doing the above steps, you can close the Extensions Manager or Add-on Manager window and restart the Firefox browser for the changes that you have made to take effect. 
These are the steps to remove Yahoo toolbar Firefox add-on. If you have any doubts or confusions in any of the steps that are discussed above, you can contact our technical support team. They will help you get rid of all the instances of the Yahoo toolbar form your computer without getting any errors.

Windows Optimized Mozilla Firefox Released

The latest Aurora update for Firefox offers the Mozilla community a peek inside the new touch-optimized Mozilla Firefox. The latest addition to the family is a version that has been specially designed and coded from the ground up, to integrate seamlessly in the Windows 8 Modern User Interface.

The new touch friendly version of Firefox has been developed to greatly enhance browsing experience on any tablets running the latest Windows operating system. The new Firefox app has a tile based Firefox Start experience and also supports Firefox Sync, and Windows 8 touch and swipe gestures. But hold on, there is more – the new app also has Snapped and Fill views, with a Windows Share integration which gets delivered to users on a beautiful, modern and streamlined interface. The Firefox app now has been specially designed and optimized for use on Windows 8 and takes browsing to whole new levels.

The new Firefox version for Windows 8 uses the gecko rendering engine similar to Firefox desktop. This powerful engine allows support for WebGL for stunning 3D graphics along with asm.js, which ensures the JavaScript is supercharged in the new browser. The version also allows developers to port high performance C++ games to the web. In addition a hardware accelerated HTML5 video is also supported in the new Firefox browser which includes open video formats like WebM and other proprietary formats likes H.264. This new Firefox version is already creating quite a buzz in the tech community and should also help in boosting the sales.

You could also upgrade the your operating system to the latest Windows 8.1 operating system which is a free upgrade for all those who already had a license for its predecessor. The update is available from the Windows Store and has improved upon a lot of features that many users complained of in the previous operating system. The return of the Start button, an option to boot directly into the desktop rather than the Start screen, and other cool upgrades, should prop up Windows 8.1 sales.

You can test it out too by first ensuring that Firefox Aurora is the default browser on your Windows tablet computers. Visit the Windows Start screen and look for the Firefox Aurora tile. If you have already gotten the Windows 8.1 update installed, check up in the All Apps screen and locate the Firefox Aurora tile and pin it to your Start screen.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Accessing The Ms Remote Access Tech Service Using Windows Live Messenger

Microsoft is known for providing excellent tech support services for all their products and services. However, most users are only familiar with the Microsoft Support phone number mentioned on the product package and the Microsoft support website. There are many other ways of accessing the Microsoft support network.

One of these is the Windows Live technical support, where you would be able to chat online with a Microsoft tech expert to find the solution to your problem. Here, Microsoft provides the Remote Access option as well, which allows tech support personnel to access your system over the internet for fixing the problem.

Accessing the Remote Access support using Microsoft Live Messenger

The Remote Access can be accessed using the Microsoft Live Messenger application you have in your system. You need to have a Windows Live ID to access the Windows Live technical support this way. Log in using your Windows Live ID on your Windows Live Messenger. Now, start a Remote Access session with the tech support personnel or any of your friends, who has the know-how to help you with your problem.

For this, you need to find the Ask for Remote Assistance option in the Tools menu. Of course, the person you are sending the invitation, must be online to start the Remote Access session. Once he accepts the invitation, your operating system would ask you to confirm the Remote Access session, and the permission for accessing your system. You need to click Yes here.

This starts the Remote Access option, and your tech-savvy friend would now take control of your system and fix the problem for you. Once this is done, you need to click on the Stop control option to end the Remote Access option.

During the session, the link to the Start menu on your system would appear as a second Start menu on your friend’s system. This would make it very easy for him to open the system files and settings and troubleshoot the problem for you. The Remote Access tech support option can be accessed using any of the Microsoft chat messenger applications.

One of the easiest ways to start the Remote Access session with the Microsoft tech support service is through the Microsoft Help and Support option in your operating system. You would find the Remote Access option for tech support, under the Ask for Assistance category.