Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tips To Chat With A Gmail Address In Windows Live Messenger

In offices where a large number of employees work, essential communication should be established so that easy communication between different employees is possible. Offices, be it big or small are connected by means of the internet and for all the employees, internet access will be possbile. By availing internet and using Windows Live Messenger service, the employees can easily connect with the other co-workers who use Windows Live Messenger.

By availing the services of Windows Live Messenger, communication among co-workers is made simpler and more efficient. The use of Windows Live Messenger is not restricted in offices alone. Even in homes, Windows Live Messenger service can be availed and users may chat with ease.

A huge plus point that Windows operating systems boast of is that Windows Live Messenger works flawlessly without incurring any faults. By logging in, you have the freedom to chat with your friends who are available online and share stories, send photos etc and have a joyful time online. Registration of your Gmail account is necessary to use Windows Live Messenger with it. In order to successfully register your Gmail account, you have to follow the below mentioned Windows Live support guidelines.

Steps to follow

  • Navigate to Windows Live ID and complete the Create Credentials form.
  • In the section of E-mail Address, type in the Gmail address.
  • In the sections of Retype Password and Password, enter a suitable password of your choice.
  • There may be an instance where you may have forgotten your password and in order for identity confirmation, select a suitable secret question and the relevant answer. Always choose a question and an answer that you can easily remember. Type in the validation code and choose Continue.
  • In the field that is given, retype the email address and choose the I Accept button.
  • Access your Gmail account. Your inbox will contain a mail that was sent by Windows Live. In order to navigate to the website, access the mail confirmation link.
  • Choose the button by the name Continue.
  • Access Windows Live Messenger. By availing the Gmail address and the newly made password, perform the login procedure.
  • ]Now you may chat with your friends.
By following the above mentioned Windows Live support guidelines, you can easily register your Gmail account and with ease you may use Windows Live Messenger to chat with your friends.

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