Monday, March 24, 2014

Windows Optimized Mozilla Firefox Released

The latest Aurora update for Firefox offers the Mozilla community a peek inside the new touch-optimized Mozilla Firefox. The latest addition to the family is a version that has been specially designed and coded from the ground up, to integrate seamlessly in the Windows 8 Modern User Interface.

The new touch friendly version of Firefox has been developed to greatly enhance browsing experience on any tablets running the latest Windows operating system. The new Firefox app has a tile based Firefox Start experience and also supports Firefox Sync, and Windows 8 touch and swipe gestures. But hold on, there is more – the new app also has Snapped and Fill views, with a Windows Share integration which gets delivered to users on a beautiful, modern and streamlined interface. The Firefox app now has been specially designed and optimized for use on Windows 8 and takes browsing to whole new levels.

The new Firefox version for Windows 8 uses the gecko rendering engine similar to Firefox desktop. This powerful engine allows support for WebGL for stunning 3D graphics along with asm.js, which ensures the JavaScript is supercharged in the new browser. The version also allows developers to port high performance C++ games to the web. In addition a hardware accelerated HTML5 video is also supported in the new Firefox browser which includes open video formats like WebM and other proprietary formats likes H.264. This new Firefox version is already creating quite a buzz in the tech community and should also help in boosting the sales.

You could also upgrade the your operating system to the latest Windows 8.1 operating system which is a free upgrade for all those who already had a license for its predecessor. The update is available from the Windows Store and has improved upon a lot of features that many users complained of in the previous operating system. The return of the Start button, an option to boot directly into the desktop rather than the Start screen, and other cool upgrades, should prop up Windows 8.1 sales.

You can test it out too by first ensuring that Firefox Aurora is the default browser on your Windows tablet computers. Visit the Windows Start screen and look for the Firefox Aurora tile. If you have already gotten the Windows 8.1 update installed, check up in the All Apps screen and locate the Firefox Aurora tile and pin it to your Start screen.

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