Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Microsoft Signals The Release Of Latest SharePoint Online Version

Office 365 is considered as an impressive Microsoft service. Perhaps, this may be the reason why the software giant is planning to upgrade some of the components of Office 365. As an initial step, Microsoft would roll out a new version of its SharePoint Online product. The new version will be made available to all licensed Office 365 users. However, the Redmond has not given any clear indication about the date of release of the new version.

What we could expect in the latest version of SharePoint Online (SPO)?

According to a recent post published in Microsoft help forum, the latest version of SharePoint Online would contain impressive and brand new features like improvements on the stability of the service, simple user experience and better performance. It is said that the new features are added as per the suggestions and feedbacks from Office 365 users across the world.

Customers unhappy over unclear date of release of latest SPO version

Meanwhile, it is widely believed that the Microsoft’s decision not to reveal the date of release of the latest version of SPO has made most users unhappy. SPO is one of the most popular services with Office 365. There are even users who subscribe Office 365 to use SharePoint Online. All the company has made clear in its recent announcement about the new version of SPO is that the option for users to self-upgrade the service will be made available soon. Fortunately, there is a point to be happy though. All licensed users of Office 365 will be notified about the upgrade one month in advance. So, you have plenty of time to prepare before upgrading to the latest SPO version.

Option to postpone the update

The latest version of SPO will extend all the advanced options to the personal users of the application that the enterprise users are currently enjoying. For instance, the latest version of SPO allows customers to decide when to use the update. If any user wishes to upgrade to the new service later on, they are free to choose to make the upgrade later on. This option was not included in the previous version of SPO.

A blog post released in Microsoft help forum recently indicates that SPO contains several new features little refined options to manage files and documents, simple navigation options for professionals to manage sites and the likes. If you want to know in detail about the newly added features of the latest SPO version, get in touch with Microsoft support.

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