Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Microsoft Slashes Azure Cloud Service Fee To Take On The Competition

Cloud service is the latest emerging technology in the IT sector and already big companies like Microsoft and Amazon are trying to gain a stronghold in this field. However, as in the case with the latest operating system, the popularity of a cloud service platform would also depend on the number of compatible apps available for it.

About Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the cloud service platform from Microsoft. It is an infrastructure as a service product. What this means is that companies can subscribe to this service as a storage solution and thus reduce their IT infrastructure needs.

The Azure platform includes online storage facilities as well as software applications that would help with the various needs of the organization. This meant that Microsoft needed the software developers out there to develop more apps for their Azure cloud service platform.

To facilitate this Microsoft provided the developers special discounts and Windows support tools to encourage them to develop more application for the Microsoft Azure platform. And, so far, this has been going well.

Microsoft Azure faces more competition

Microsoft has always assumed that with their operating systems and MS Office products all linked to and available through the Azure cloud platform, they would have an edge over the other cloud service providers online. However, with more and more tech firms joining the cloud service bandwagon these days, Microsoft is facing stiff competition.

Many cloud service providers like Amazon and HP are now upgrading their service from just online storage facilities to that of IT infrastructure platforms and thereby, competing directly with Windows Azure. This has led to a situation where each of them is trying to reduce their prices as much as possible in an attempt to outcompete the others.

Recently, Microsoft announced that they are going to reduce their Windows Azure storage prices to match the low fee offered by the Amazon cloud services. So far, Amazon cloud service has maintained an advantage over its competitors by providing the lowest prices in the country.

This has forced Microsoft to slash the prices for its Windows Azure cloud services. Recent surveys show that when taken in to account the different cloud service subscription package fees, Microsoft’ Azure and Amazon EC2 now offer pretty much the same price.

However, when you take in to the excellent Windows support services as well as the MS Office applications, clearly Windows Azure is the best cloud service platform available.

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