Thursday, May 29, 2014

Procedure To Remove Unwanted Toolbars Permanently

Toolbars are browser add-ons that functions in their own context of internet search mechanism. Glued to web-browsers, toolbars are actually programs that enhance the functionality of browser and facilitates internet surfing. Most web-browser toolbars contain a search bar, various online surfing tools, and links to websites. However, as most of the toolbars are installed automatically in the browser as part of a software bundle, they might invade your computer with a malicious intent.

In normal cases, toolbars improve your online searches, offer quick access buttons to your favorite websites, and some even provide pop-up blocking options. But, some toolbars can be extremely irritating. The thing that irritates a user the most is the automatic changes made to the default home page or search page setting in the browser. Furthermore, there are some toolbars, which claim to be beneficial for enhancing your internet search function, but are actually spyware programs.

It is better to uninstall such unwanted toolbars permanently from your web browsers before they do any harm to the system. Here are the instructions to remove toolbar from your computer.

Instructions to uninstall toolbars from Windows
  • Go to the Start menu by clicking on the Start button located on the lower left corner of the desktop screen. Click on the Control Panel link to proceed. 
  • Move on to the Uninstall a program icon under the Programs folder, and scroll through the list of currently installed programs, to find the toolbar that you want to remove. Highlight the entry and click on the Uninstall button against it. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the toolbar, and Restart your computer when prompted, to allow the changes take effect. 
How to remove toolbar from Internet Explorer
  • Start Internet Explorer application, and click on the Tools icon. Choose Manage Add-ons: Enable or Disable Add-Ons link. 
  • Click on the Show button, and select the add-ons that you do not want. Click Disable, and restart the browser to complete the task. 
How to remove toolbar from Firefox
  • Start Mozilla Firefox and then click on the Tools button. Select Add-ons and click on Extensions tab. 
  • Select the toolbar you want to remove in the resulting page, and click on the Uninstall button. Restart the browser and finish the procedure. 
The above steps should help you remove the unwanted toolbar from your computer. However, if you want further help in the matter, contact technical support team for assistance.

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