Monday, July 14, 2014

Microsoft Offers Gift Cards And Special Offers To Ditch XP

Windows XP was recently removed from the list of supported products by the software maker Microsoft. But, fact is, nothing much has changed, there are millions still using this aging operating system.

The major problem for upgrading is the cost involved in migrating to newer versions. Identifying this problem, the software giant offered $50 gift cards to any Windows XP user who buys a new Windows 8.1 device. As per the latest data, more than 18 percent of the computers in this world are powered by Windows XP. This means a staggering number of Windows users have not yet moved on to newer versions. This is quite surprising when the company has already pulled the plug on the 13-year-old operating system software.

Their reluctance to move on to newer versions is quite understandable, especially when we start analyzing various problems. Many SMBs depend on Windows XP for their various projects or works. Many accounting software programs run only on Windows XP. Moreover, upgrading to newer versions and the training to be given to the personnel, is a costly affair. Not many SMBs would be willing to invest time, effort and money. Another possible reason for the reluctance is confusing interface of Window 8 or Windows 8.1. The new metro style is too modern for their taste. Some of the basic features are absent or not easily accessible. The most surprising one is the absence of Start.

Whatever may be the reason there are some stubborn users not willing to move to later versions of Windows. Experts over Microsoft live chat highlight that the tech giant is trying to do everything possible to convince Windows them to switch to upgraded Windows operating system. In order to get users to ditch Windows XP, they’ve revealed that users who purchased any one of 16 different Windows 8.1 powered machines were offered a $50 gift card (it was valid till April 30). This gift card is valid for future purchases at the software company’s e-store.

Another offer (much more recent), consists of $100 rebate on new systems and tablets for anyone who trades up from Windows XP. However, it is not for all systems. It is valid only for select computers priced at $599 or above.

Microsoft seems desperate to get rid of Windows XP. Even for users, there are not many options left other than migrating to newer and better versions of the Windows OS. I’d say that this is better now while the offer is valid. And so would many others.

For more news related to Windows XP, you can get in touch with experts over Microsoft live chat.

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