Friday, August 8, 2014

How To Rip An Audio CD In Mp3 Format Using Windows Media Player?

You can’t always get your favourite MP3 songs online. Occasionally, you will have to buy a CD or DVD that contains your favourite songs from outside. If you want to copy these songs from these CDs or DVDs to your smartphone or iPod, you will need to rip the songs on the CD/DVD in MP3 format. Windows Media Player lets you do this with ease. But one thing that needs to be kept in mind while ripping your DVD songs in MP3 format using Windows Media Player is that you need to choose a different format other than WMA.

Being a built-in application in Windows OS, Windows Media Player is integrated with Windows Live help. So, you can seek real time assistance from the support desk in case of any unexpected issues during ripping. Here are the simple steps you need to work out to rip your CD/DVD in MP3 format in WM Player.


  • Turn on your PC and navigate to the Start button. 
  • Choose the Search option and enter Windows Media Player in the type field. Hit the Enter button on your keyboard to proceed. 
  • Locate Windows Media Player in the search results and click it to open. 
  • When the application is loaded, take the audio CD and insert it in the drive. 
  • Wait for the application to recognize the CD that you have inserted. It might take a few seconds because the application has to gather track information and display it in the main pane. Once it is completed, the CD will start completing itself. 
  • Now, navigate to Rip Settings and choose MP3 format. Hereafter, every CD you rip will be made in the selected format, that is MP3. 
  • After that, go to the menu bar that is found on top of the track listing and choose Rip CD option. Windows Media Player will start ripping the songs now. Once all the songs in the CD are ripped, the media player will move them to the default Music folder in your PC. You can send them to your portable music player, mobile phone or iPad. 
With the help of the above instructions, you must have successfully ripped your CD using Windows Media Player. Now, buy audio CDs of your favourite songs, rip them, copy them to your music player and enjoy. For any assistance, get support from the Windows Live help desk.

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