Monday, September 22, 2014

Mail Attachment Recovery In Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is used by majority of the computer users to manage their email messages. Outlook program has many other features like Calendar, contacts, task scheduler and more. Most Outlook users think that an email attachment is lost permanently when they delete the mail in the email client. Only a few of the users know that the Outlook program saves attachments that are considered safe in a temporary Internet folder. From this folder, the email attachments can be accessed, if this temporary folder has not been cleared in the meantime. Users can open the temporary Internet files in their PC to locate the temporary Outlook folder to get back the attachments in Microsoft Outlook program.

OLK finder is a software program that is designed to provide a very good solution to do Outlook repair. This application will automatically scan to locate the temporary Outlook folder and then the program will list all the attachments that have been stored in that folder. OLK finder is very effective in fixing Outlook errors. This application can be started from any location. The user has to manually select the version of the Outlook program at the top for the contents to be displayed. Available are all the versions of the Outlook program like Outlook 97 to Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. Outlook Finder program tries to locate the temporary Outlook attachments by itself, after selecting the version of the Outlook program.

All the Outlook attachments that have been found will be displayed at the lower part of the interface of the program. The users will then be able to select some or all of the files that are listed in the interface of the OLK finder program. If you wish to open a particular file that is shown by the program, you can just double click on that file to launch it immediately. Right clicking on the file will show the usual Windows Explorer context menu options to send or copy the selected files. Outlook finder will be the ideal program, if you wish to restore Microsoft Outlook mail attachments that you got recently.

Users who clear the Internet cache regularly may not be able to make use of the program to the fullest. File recovery programs will be the only option to such users. If you wish to know more on the Outlook repair steps to use the OK finder program, you can contact our tech support team.

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