Saturday, September 13, 2014

Oracle Clarifies About Java Support For Existing Windows XP Compatible Versions

In a recent blog post, the Vice President for Oracle’s product management made a sincere attempt to explain their plan to clarify their Windows tech support for Java on Windows XP OS. Vice President, Mr. Henrik Stahl initially dismissed all unnecessary speculations like ‘Oracle will end Java updates and support for Windows XP’. Adding to that, he also said that their company expects the current Java versions for XP to continue to receive the needed Windows tech support even after the XP End of Support. Microsoft officially ended their tech support for XP OS this year. The facts mentioned below will provide you a better picture regarding the subject.

Extended Java support for Windows XP compatible versions

Though Oracle made their official decision very clear through the media, they were not ready to make commitments regarding other technical support for Windows XP. In this context, it is very clear that Oracle will not be held responsible for any other technical problems or complaints reported by the users since the Windows tech support is no longer available to the OS.

At the same time, you can see that new Java 8 is not technically designed for being installed on Windows XP computers. The installer developed and released for Java 8 will not run on Windows XP computers without the help of some manual intervention. As mentioned on the Wikipedia page, this simply means ‘directly unzipping from the installation executable’. Mr. Henrik Stahl also said that it was possible that their company might choose not to fix this technical issue for an unsupported OS. Another major problem pertaining to this issue is that the Java 8 is also not available to the end users. This is why Oracle insists system users to upgrade to latest operating systems. As a result, Java users will no longer have to worry about any technical issues or the lack of technical support while using their Java version.

The future rounds of Java updates are due to be out in the month of July 2015 and will subsequently address almost 20 remotely exploitable flaws. In short, what we will get to see is that the latest Java 7 and 8 patches will work effectively on computers with the Windows XP operating system regardless of the end of technical support. Therefore, it is not much of a catastrophic situation, but it is highly advisable to upgrade to the latest Windows OS versions to enjoy a trouble free computing experience.

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