Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Read Your Mac Drives On Windows Using Paragon Software

There is a lot of difference between the Mac and Windows operating systems. This causes numerous problems to some users, who own two computers running on these platforms.

Most of us avoid such problems by using compatible OS and software applications often made by the same tech firm. But, if you are a working professional, you might have to deal with incompatible software running on your home and work PC.

Paragon software takes care of the Mac drive incompatibility in Windows

Take for example, the hard drive in your system. For the Windows OS to run smoothly, this should be formatted as NTFS file system. However, in case of Mac OS, the file system format is different, as it uses the HFS protocol. So, the hard disks is Mac and Windows operating systems will have to be formatted differently, and hence one OS will not recognize or read the other.

This can become an inconvenience to someone, who has to access some important files stored in the hard drive on (say) the office computer on home PC. However, as always, some clever software developers out there have come up with a solution for this problem. Most of these solutions are paid applications, but the recently released Paragon software application designed for this purpose offers a trial too. A freeware version for limited Windows OS versions and file systems is also available.

So, you do not have to pay anything for trying it out. Just download this software on your Windows PC and you will be able to read the Mac hard drive on your Windows PC. If everything runs smoothly, as the software developer claims, then you can pay for an upgrade to the full version before the trial period expires.

According to Paragon developers, when your install this application in your Windows 8 OS, you get all the necessary Windows 8 drivers for all the different file system formats, and not just the HFS system used in Mac. In other words, you no longer have to worry about such file format incompatibility issues anymore.

The freeware edition of this software is available only for the latest Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 OS platforms, which has the Windows 8 drivers for reading the HFS+ file system format. For other HFS variants and different file system formats, you will have to buy the paid version though.

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