Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How To Install Skype In Windows 7

Skype is an Internet Protocol telephony service provider and chat client offering chatting, video and audio calling between subscribers along with low-cost phone calls. Apart from the usual telephone calls, Skype helps users in file transfers, for texting, video chatting and videoconferencing. The service is easily available for computers, netbook, tablets, and smartphone devices.

You will be able to download the program online from the official Microsoft Skype Support site. When it is complete, you will be able to save the program to the disk. Omni Tech support guides you through the installation process. Here are the installation steps.

First, you need to double click on the Skype Setup program you have saved or you can just click on the Run command in case you have that option available. In case the User Account Control window pops up that is asking you for permission, you need to click on Continue. Thereafter, when the installer program launches, it will ask you to choose a language. You need to select it from the drop-down list.

The next step involves the installer service asking you to read and accept the End User License Agreement. You can accept this to continue the installation. Skype installation may also ask if you want to install certain other programs or browser add-ons. Actually, here, you are under no obligation to install all these. In case you do not wish for the extras, you can anyways uncheck the box and after that, you can click on the Next button.

You need to the click on the Options button. Then, on this page, you will have the choice to launch Skype as soon as the installation process is over. This box is usually already checked. If you do not wish for Skype to launch right away, you can deselect the box just by clicking on it. You also have the option to update the Skype Extras Manager and for installing a Skype Plugin for the web browser that you have installed on the system.

You need to click the 'I agree to install' option. The program usually asks users to set up an account by entering a Name, a Skype Name, and Password. Enter the email address, country, and city. You will have a chance to choose another name. When you complete this, Skype is installed and launches itself.

Hope the Omni Tech support guides given above helped you with Skype installation. Contact our tech support desk for any assistance.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Steps To Delete Yahoo Toolbar

The Yahoo toolbar is a kind of add-on in online web browsers that lets users access different features from Yahoo. This add-on also helps in saving the recently visited sites, recent searches, along with which it provides protection against malware and viruses. This add-on also helps in creating bookmarks that would make it very easy to browse the website.

Usually, Yahoo toolbar is downloaded as a part of Yahoo applications such as Yahoo Messenger. In case you do not use this add-on toolbar or if you think that it slows down the browsing speed, you can have the toolbar removed from the browser or the computer. It is better to use your web browser without such add-ons and other toolbars. Most of the toolbars used are one of the ways in which hackers find their way into the customer’s computers. This leads to plenty of online scams, in order to avoid them, remove all the add-ons including Yahoo toolbar from the computer.

Removing Yahoo Toolbar From Web Browsers

  • Launch the web browser, for instance Mozilla Firefox. 
  • From the browser window, click on the Firefox menu. 
  • Now click on the Add-Ons menu. 
  • Skim through the list and find Yahoo Toolbar. Select the same and click on Remove. 
  • Close the list of add-ons and then Close the web browser.
Uninstalling Yahoo Toolbar From The Computer
  • Click on the Start button to the lower left of the desktop. From the Start menu, click on the Control Panel, which appears to the right of the menu. 
  • When the Control Panel window appears, look for the Add\Remove Programs icon, and double click on the same. 
  • This will open a window with the list of all programs and software installed in the computer. 
  • Look for Yahoo Toolbar from the list, select the same and then click on Uninstall or Remove button, which is located at the top of the list. 
  • The moment you click on Remove, you will see a prompt that would ask you to confirm the removal. Click on Yes and follow the other onscreen instructions. 
  • When the removal completes, Restart the computer. This will refresh the setting and the changes made would become effective. 
To stay away from any potential threats or hacks including online scams, it is better to remove such undesirable add-ons and toolbars from the web browser.