Monday, September 30, 2013

Unnecessary Windows Updates

Windows computer users have an advantage of getting updates whenever these are released, entirely free of cost. Windows Update makes sure your computer is running the latest software from Microsoft. Running the latest update keeps your computer away from risks and keeps it a lot more secure. It is capable of patching vulnerabilities that may have been discovered on your system. It even provides updates to the Microsoft help section on your computer. It is also capable of giving your computer small extra features from time to time.
Sometimes these updates could be a bane too. You might have sometimes noticed how after installing a Windows update your system keeps slowing down or hanging on you. Sometimes after a Windows update you will find that your computer stops at a blank screen. These are various problems of having Automatic Windows Updates. If your computer is showing these symptoms, then you need not go for a full reinstall, but you just need to uninstall the offending update from the computer. Here are a few tips on removing updates from your computer.

Windows Vista and 7 Computers

Click the Start menu, which is in the lower left corner of the screen. In the Search box of the Start menu type Programs. Now click on the Programs and Features button. Click the View installed updates button to reveal the installed updates on your computer. You would see a list of the installed updates. Highlight the update that you want to remove, and click on Uninstall to remove the update from your computer. Restart your computer to reflect the changes on your computer.

Windows XP Computers

Click on the Start Menu and locate Control Panel. Click on the Control Panel option to reveal the Control Panel window. Now navigate to the Add or Remove Programs icon and double click on it to launch the list of installed programs on your computer. Click on the Show Updates check box on the top of the Programs window. Now you would see a list of the installed updates on your computer. Highlight the update that you want to remove, and then click on the Remove button, corresponding to the update. After the update finishes uninstalling itself from your computer, restart your computer to reflect the changes.
I hope that by following the above steps you were able to get your computer back in shape. For more Microsoft help please contact Microsoft support; they would help you with your problem and provide you with elegant solutions.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Do You Have Outlook Printing Issues

MS Outlook helps you stay connected with your friends, colleagues and family through its email service. But that is not the only function it serves. It also provides other services like note taking, journals, appointments, contact manager and calendar. Thus Outlook functions both as an email client as well as a personal manager tool. You can also create a transportable account and activate your Outlook account on another system, using the personal address book in MS Outlook.
You can print documents, attachments, email messages and your calendars, directly from the application. This is facilitated as Outlook stores all of its print style configurations in the OutlPrnt file. A corrupted OutlPrnt file can cause serious issues with the printing process. To fix this you must rename the OutlPrnt file so the Outlook program creates a fresh copy automatically. This fresh copy has the default settings configured, and hence eliminates your printing problems.
So are you a novice to Outlook? Well here are some instructions that should help you with fixing your problem, that is to say renaming the OutlPrnt file.
  • Exit the outlook application either by clicking the X symbol on the right topmost corner, or by clicking the File option in the toolbar and selecting Exit from the menu.
  • Click on the Start menu in your desktop and choose My Computer option. Alternatively you can also click on the Computer icon in your desktop.
  • Go to the Outlook program folder saved in your hard drive. Usually for Windows XP users or those using other versions, this folder will be located in the C drive. In Windows XP you can find the Outlook program folder in at C:\Documents then Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook.
  • If your operating system is Windows Vista or Windows 7, this folder will be found in the C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook.
  • Select the file to mark it.
  • Place your mouse cursor on the actual OutlPrnt filename and click it.
  • In the file name add .old as an extension to the OutlPrnt file name. Press Enter to save this file extension.
  • Now proceed to restart your Outlook, which will create a fresh OutlPrnt file.
Now you have successfully removed your Outlook problems with printing. You can now print all important documents, calendars and emails without any hassle. If you still encounter Outlook problems with the printing process, check in with Outlook help to see any viable solutions for your issues. If problems persist contact the Outlook help desk to diagnose and resolve any issues.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Recovering Deleted Yahoo Messenger Emails

Almost all the computer users may have used the Yahoo messenger chat software. This is a very popular instant messaging system that is in use in almost all parts of the world. This messaging system allows the users to converse with their friends and family members over the Internet connection. This allows a one-to-one conversation with utmost ease. The main features of Yahoo messenger include instant messaging, photo sharing, and web cam features. This can also be used to send text messages to mobile phones. This service also allows the user of the program to keep a list of family and friends among the available contacts. This makes it very easy to start a conversation with the people in the list.
The conversations in Yahoo messenger take place in a conversation window and closing the window will make the entire conversation to end. Opening a chat or conversation window with the same contact will open a new window that is blank. If you have accidentally closed a conversation window and want to get back previous chat messages, you can follow the instructions explained below. The conversations will not be deleted by closing the window. Do not mistake this for the procedure to recover deleted Yahoo emails. The procedure to recover deleted Yahoo emails is different. This is only the procedure to get back the chat messages.

  • Open the Yahoo messenger program. Look at the name of the contact in your Yahoo messenger program and select the contact whose conversation you want to recover.
  • Move the mouse pointer to the arrow on the right side of the selected contact’s name. You will get a menu. From the menu that appears, select View Message History.
  • This will open the conversation window, select View More History from there.
  • Doing the above step will open the My History tab. Look through the conversations which are listed in this tab. When you click on a conversation listed here, the entire conversation appears at the bottom of the tab.
You can recover the conversation that you have accidentally closed by following this procedure. You may get the copy of any of the conversation by this method until you have deleted the conversation from the history manually. If you are not okay with any of the steps, you may refer the official website of Yahoo or contact the Yahoo support team for further assistance.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How To Use Webcam With Microsoft Messenger

Windows Live Messenger, previously known as MSN Messenger, is an advertisement-supported Microsoft chat tool. This application offers file sharing, audio and video calling, time-stamped messages and several other features, which are compatible on both PCs as well as hand held devices.
However, in order to facilitate video calling, you will have to make use of a webcam device. The person over the other side should also possess a webcam device for the video chat to work. Configuring a webcam device on your PC is relatively an easy task and we have listed out the steps to do it in the easiest and simplest way.

  • You would be required to buy a webcam if your computer has no built in webcam. Insert the USB pin of your webcam into any USB port available on your computer. If you are using the device for the first time, you will have to install the driver software for your device manually to make it work. You can either use the driver disc that comes along with the product or download it online to get the latest driver software. The latest versions of windows automatically install the apt driver software for your device at the moment it is first used. 
  • Launch the Microsoft Messenger application and press the Show Menu icon, which is located next to the search bar.  From the menu bar, click Tools and select Audio and Video Setup option.
  • You will receive Set Up Audio and Video screen and click Next to continue. Choose your device from the list and click Finish.
  • Now your device is ready to initiate video call process. To perform a video call, enable the Show Menu icon and click Actions, then Video, and further click Start a Video Call. You will receive a prompt to choose the contact with whom you need to establish a video call. Once you make a choice, the person will receive an invitation to join the video call with you.
  • You can now see him live on a window that will open up once the video call is established. The window would also contain the provision for entering text, which is located towards the bottom of the window.
Contact Microsoft chat support team if you are still unable to connect and use your webcam device with Microsoft Messenger. They can provide you with assistance to get the issue resolved.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Enter The World Of Online Games

Are you a hardcore gamer? Do you spend hours on end trying to hone your skills at a game you really love playing? If so, why not develop your skills on online games using your console. The great aspect about game consoles is that they allow players to plat at a completely new level on the internet. There are also a great number of gaming consoles to choose from, like Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. All these provide for you to play online, and all that requires is high-speed internet. However, the recent innovation in broadband has supplied gamers with a high-speed internet connection, so that they suffer from no lag. Here are some ways to play these awesome games using different consoles.
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 – One of the leading names in the console industry, Xbox has great online gaming features. There is a Silver level, which offers free entry to let you become part of the online gaming communities. This level also helps you download online games, create individual profiles, and chat with other players. If you are a serious gamer and wish to butt heads against other players, then you need to upgrade to the Gold level. When you buy your Xbox, you get a one-month free gold level, but if you want to continue then you must shell out some cash. There are different deals and packages available depending on where you purchased it, etc. Check Xbox live or contact Windows online support to tell you about these pay packages. Windows online support will also assist you in troubleshooting problems with your Xbox.
  • Sony PlayStation 3 – One of Microsoft’s biggest competitors, the PS3, is connected to the PlayStation network. The network is free and allows game downloads, chat and one-on-one gameplay. All you need to access this network is to sign up your console and start playing. However not all games are free, as some require paid subscriptions and a downloading fee, but the service charges are free.
  • Nintendo Wii – The biggest gaming console company by far, this Japanese company revolutionized gaming for gamers everywhere. The Wii also has online gaming configuration, and tons of games can be played using a Nintendo Wi-fi connection. Just like other consoles, you can battle one-on-one against players, or make clans and battle in groups. Wii also has a tremendous collection of online games, which can satisfy the greed of any gamer.
So what are you waiting for? Get your console today and enter the realm of online computer games.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Resolve Calendar Issues In MS Outlook

MS Outlook is one of the most popular and useful email applications, and is used by millions of people. The user interface of the MS Outlook program is top notch, and this has helped the program attract millions of users.
It can also be used as a personal information management software, as it includes different functions such as a calendar tool, an email application etc. With the help of the Outlook program, the users will be able to send and receive emails, set appointments with their contacts, set personal reminders, etc. It is a complete organizational tool, which helps the users take control of a variety of functions. However, the Outlook program does suffer from occasional problems that can make the life of the user very difficult.
Once the program starts to malfunction, it might be very difficult for the users to get it back up again, as the troubleshooting process might take time to complete. Most of the problems with Outlook concern its tools, such as the calendar and the email applications. The calendar issues in the Outlook program can be resolved using some easy techniques.

Methods to resolve calendar issues in Outlook

The Outlook program comes bundled with certain command line parameters that are very useful in repairing the problems in it. If you were to start the Outlook program with the command line switch "Outlook /cleanreminders", then the program would regenerate all set reminders. Run Outlook with the "Outlook /CleanFreeBusy" option, on Outlook clients connected in a Microsoft Exchange environment, to repair problems with the Free/Busy data.

For the Free/Busy data to update and function properly, network connectivity is required for the Microsoft Outlook clients who are in an Exchange Server environment. Most of the issues with the calendar tool in the Outlook program can be resolved by restoring the network connectivity.
In some cases, the problems that you are encountering in the MS Outlook program might come down to problems within the Outlook program itself. Such problems with Outlook can be resolved by downloading and installing the latest service packs and patches that are released by Microsoft.
These are some of the problems that users face on a regular basis in the calendar tool of the Outlook program. Make sure that you try some of the methods mentioned here if you are faced with some such Outlook problems.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Tutorial For Opening Application Windows In Full Screen

Most of the programs in the Windows operating system open in the Windowed mode by default to save space and to do multitasking. However, some of the users would prefer the applications to open in the full screen mode so that they can view the application options and tools more clearly in the whole screen. If you are one of those who prefer to use the applications in full screen mode, then there is good news for you, you can easily change the application to run in full screen using the simple tricks from the Windows support site given below.

Tips And Tricks 
  • To make the application window run in full screen, try pressing the Alt key and the Enter key simultaneously. This keyboard shortcut will work in almost all games and media players in the Windows operating system. You can use the same keys to bring the window back to the windowed mode. 
  • To make the web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox to work in the full screen mode, press the F11 key in the keyboard. To return to the windowed mode, press the F11 key.
  • To make the Microsoft Office suite programs like Word, Excel, and other office applications, hit the Alt and the V keys in the keyboard simultaneously and then press the U key. To exit from the full screen mode in Office suite applications, click on the Esc button found at the top left corner of the keyboard.
  • If for some application, none of the above shortcuts work, then right click on the shortcut icon of the application found in the desktop of your computer and then click on the Properties option found at the bottom of the drop down menu. Then click on the dropdown menu found next to the Run option and then select the Maximized option. Now click on the OK button to the run the program. Now when the application launches, you can see that the application occupies the full screen, although you can see that there is a bar at the top of the window.
If you follow the above instructions carefully, you will be able to make the applications in your Windows operating system based computer run in the full screen mode. If you need any more clarifications or tips regarding the applications in the Windows OS, just visit the Windows support website.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Installing Microsoft Cal On Your Phone

Client Access License or Cal, is a software license, which is usually distributed by the software companies in order for their clients to connect to its server software. This is helpful as the Cal allows the clients to use the services provided by these software companies. Accessing the Microsoft Cal can be confusing, and it could also be difficult accessing the Terminal Service license. However, to access the Microsoft Client Access License, you need to activate the Terminal Service License over the phone. The server of the Terminal Service uses these licenses, as they help in tracking down and allowing the client permissions to the Windows 2000- based computers, which have these Terminal Services enabled. Usually, a digital certificate is given when you activate the license server. This certificate validates the ownership of the server, as well as checks its identity. Installing and accessing Microsoft Cal is easy by activating the Terminal Service license over the phone.

You can follow these instructions to activate the Terminal services License on your phone:
  • Click on the Start button on the left bottom of your desktop and click Settings. Now, click on the Control Panel option. Now, you would see a whole list of options from where you need to select Administrative Tools. Now, click on the Terminal Service Items. This would be clearly mentioned in the Tech Support column where you can also post your question.
  • Now, double-click on Terminal Services licensing option. This would lead you to an option where you can activate the license.
  • Now you would need to activate the license in the console tree. Right click the license server you want to activate it and then click Activate Server.
  • Now, choose the Connection Method option and click Telephone in it. Click the option Next.
  • You need to select your country or region in order to add the details. Once, you enter the details, click Next. You would see a phone number being displayed. Make a note of the number. You can also contact the Microsoft Tech Support to for assistance.
  • You can call the phone number and give the product ID number to the representative. Type the license server ID into the space available on the screen. Click Next.
  • Once you click Next, follow the instructions to install client license key packs right away. You can also install the client license packs later. For this, uncheck the Install licenses now and click Finish.
Therefore, you can follow these simple steps to install the Microsoft Cal in your computer by activating the Terminal Service License.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How To Setup An Outlook Account On Your Computer

The Outlook Express is a multi-functional email client application that lets you manage your various tasks and events, in addition to using its email sending and receiving capabilities. It acts more or less like your personal manager and helps you manage your professional and personal events alike. You can set up an Outlook account using your web based email account.
Given below are the Outlook tech support guidelines to set up an Outlook account on your computer.


  • Install Microsoft office in your computer as the starting step, and if you have it already installed on your PC, launch Microsoft Outlook from the office program list.
  • Navigate to the Tools menu and then select the Account settings option to start creating your Outlook account.
  • Select the New tab from the Account Settings window and then from the options provided, choose to connect to your email either through the Internet Service provider (ISP), or through a Microsoft Exchange server of your organization. The ISP may include any of the options including Http or IMAP.
  • You would have to fill in the details such as your full name, the internet based email address, and the password used to access the mail.
  • Select the check box corresponding to the option Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types. Type in your mail ID once again, and then choose the type of Email from one of the categories mentioned above.
  • Once you finish this step, select the account type that you wish for, and then enter the name of the incoming mail server as well as the outgoing mail server. From the ISP, IMAP or POP3 server options available, you can choose one for the incoming and outgoing mail servers. For example, if you happen to choose the IMAP server for incoming emails, the mail server will look something like imap.[name of the internet service provider].com . The same is the case for your outgoing mails as well, and the server chosen can be different from the incoming mail server.
  • Once you have selected the incoming and outgoing mail servers, choose the username and password that you need to access you email. You can select the checkbox corresponding to the Remember Password option, so that you need not type in the password every time you access your account.
  • Click on the Test Account Settings to send or receive a test mail. 

Hope you were able to successfully setup an Outlook account on your computer. If you need any further assistance on this, contact Outlook tech support team or Microsoft Support Center.