Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Steps To Export Messages From Outlook Express

Most of the systems running on the Windows XP operating system make use of the Outlook Express program for sending and receiving emails. Outlook Express is an email manager program that comes of great assistance in managing emails and tasks in the computer. Microsoft provides great services for the program through the Outlook Express help and support pages. Outlook Express makes it easy for users to manage their personal and business emails and helps in organizing contacts and calendars.
However, for attaining the best services from Microsoft, one must upgrade to the full version of the Outlook email manager program. In such a situation, you will have to export the emails in the Outlook Express program to Outlook. Follow the simple instructions given below for moving the messages in the Outlook Express application to the Microsoft Outlook program.

  • Open the Outlook Express program by double clicking on the desktop icon or by clicking on the quick launch shortcut in the taskbar. 
  • When the program window appears, find the File option in the Outlook Express window, usually found at the top left corner of the Outlook Express window. Choose the sub menu named Messages from the Export menu. 
  • Confirm your decision to export mail data saved in the Outlook Express program by clicking the OK button that is shown in the dialog box. 
  • In the next step, choose the Outlook Express folders that you would like to export. For exporting all the folders in the program, click on the All Folders radio button or highlight individual folders in the popup window that appear for exporting selected folders.
  • To start the export process in the Outlook application, click on the OK button that can be seen in the bottom part of the window. 
  • If the process asks you to enter the username and password of your account, then give in the same in the prompt window that appears. When the process completes, you will be able to see all the messages stored in the Outlook Express program in the Outlook mailbox. 
If you follow the instruction given above promptly, you will be able to move emails to the new Outlook program with ease. If you come across some errors while executing the instructions given above, then feel free to contact the Outlook Express help and support center for further assistance.

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