Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How To Go About The Windows Update

In order to have a smooth and efficient operating system, it is necessary to update your windows operating system. Keeping your windows up to date is a necessity because all the necessary security updates, files etc that are required for the proper running and security of the system are available in the windows updates. By following the below provided windows help and support guidelines, the windows update can be easily done.


  • Turn on the system and wait for the desktop to load.
  • Check if you have an active internet connection as the update will not be possible without an internet connection.
  • Select the Start button that is visible in the taskbar and the Start menu will pop up. Choose Programs and select the windows update. Select the link and you will reach the Microsoft website.
  • The Custom option has to be selected and the system will be checked for the necessary updates that are needed. This process is done by the Microsoft utility.
  • Go through the different updates that Microsoft recommends. The requirement of the update and the time the update will take to install is provided by the utility. The updates that you need to install have to be selected, and then choose Review And Install Updates.
  • Go through the list of updates, and verify if the required updates are chosen, and select install updates.
  • The End User License agreement will pop up on screen, and you have to go through it, and select the I Accept option. Now the update installation procedure will start.
  • The update process will take some time, so wait for the updates to get fully installed. You will be asked to restart windows after the completion of installation of the updates. Therefore, before restarting windows save all your work as if you restart without saving, you will lose important data.
  • So after saving your data and restarting windows, you can see that all the chosen updates will be installed and your system will be having the required necessary updates.

By following these simple Microsoft help and support guidelines, the important updates that are required can be easily done. If you have any doubts with the update procedure or have trouble following the guidelines, you may visit the Microsoft help and support website. The Microsoft support website contains the best help solutions related to all Microsoft related problems.

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