Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Accessing The Ms Remote Access Tech Service Using Windows Live Messenger

Microsoft is known for providing excellent tech support services for all their products and services. However, most users are only familiar with the Microsoft Support phone number mentioned on the product package and the Microsoft support website. There are many other ways of accessing the Microsoft support network.

One of these is the Windows Live technical support, where you would be able to chat online with a Microsoft tech expert to find the solution to your problem. Here, Microsoft provides the Remote Access option as well, which allows tech support personnel to access your system over the internet for fixing the problem.

Accessing the Remote Access support using Microsoft Live Messenger

The Remote Access can be accessed using the Microsoft Live Messenger application you have in your system. You need to have a Windows Live ID to access the Windows Live technical support this way. Log in using your Windows Live ID on your Windows Live Messenger. Now, start a Remote Access session with the tech support personnel or any of your friends, who has the know-how to help you with your problem.

For this, you need to find the Ask for Remote Assistance option in the Tools menu. Of course, the person you are sending the invitation, must be online to start the Remote Access session. Once he accepts the invitation, your operating system would ask you to confirm the Remote Access session, and the permission for accessing your system. You need to click Yes here.

This starts the Remote Access option, and your tech-savvy friend would now take control of your system and fix the problem for you. Once this is done, you need to click on the Stop control option to end the Remote Access option.

During the session, the link to the Start menu on your system would appear as a second Start menu on your friend’s system. This would make it very easy for him to open the system files and settings and troubleshoot the problem for you. The Remote Access tech support option can be accessed using any of the Microsoft chat messenger applications.

One of the easiest ways to start the Remote Access session with the Microsoft tech support service is through the Microsoft Help and Support option in your operating system. You would find the Remote Access option for tech support, under the Ask for Assistance category.

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