Monday, September 22, 2014

Mail Attachment Recovery In Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is used by majority of the computer users to manage their email messages. Outlook program has many other features like Calendar, contacts, task scheduler and more. Most Outlook users think that an email attachment is lost permanently when they delete the mail in the email client. Only a few of the users know that the Outlook program saves attachments that are considered safe in a temporary Internet folder. From this folder, the email attachments can be accessed, if this temporary folder has not been cleared in the meantime. Users can open the temporary Internet files in their PC to locate the temporary Outlook folder to get back the attachments in Microsoft Outlook program.

OLK finder is a software program that is designed to provide a very good solution to do Outlook repair. This application will automatically scan to locate the temporary Outlook folder and then the program will list all the attachments that have been stored in that folder. OLK finder is very effective in fixing Outlook errors. This application can be started from any location. The user has to manually select the version of the Outlook program at the top for the contents to be displayed. Available are all the versions of the Outlook program like Outlook 97 to Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. Outlook Finder program tries to locate the temporary Outlook attachments by itself, after selecting the version of the Outlook program.

All the Outlook attachments that have been found will be displayed at the lower part of the interface of the program. The users will then be able to select some or all of the files that are listed in the interface of the OLK finder program. If you wish to open a particular file that is shown by the program, you can just double click on that file to launch it immediately. Right clicking on the file will show the usual Windows Explorer context menu options to send or copy the selected files. Outlook finder will be the ideal program, if you wish to restore Microsoft Outlook mail attachments that you got recently.

Users who clear the Internet cache regularly may not be able to make use of the program to the fullest. File recovery programs will be the only option to such users. If you wish to know more on the Outlook repair steps to use the OK finder program, you can contact our tech support team.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Include Signature With Pictures In Outlook Express

It is easy to send email messages along with a personal signature. Many of the users just make a text signature. But what if you could add a signature with pictures in Outlook Express? There are ways to do this and precisely, there are two ways. Both these ways are easy and after you have decided on the image to include in your signature, you can have custom email messages sent to everyone in your Outlook address book. The Outlook Express help tips that are shared below will help you include signatures in the Outlook Express email messages.

Making a Signature with an Image
  • Make a file to use for a signature. You can just cut and paste a picture into a document or you may use a single picture as your signature. You will have to remember the location and filename of the image file.
  • Click on the Tools menu, then select Options and click on the tab that is marked Signatures.
  • Select the New button and at the bottom half of the page, under Edit Signature area, click on the circle next to File and then select the Browse button. Locate the file that you have made in first step for your signature and then select it.
  • At the top of the Signature page, select whether you need to add the signature to all outgoing mails to use only for original compositions by selecting the appropriate box. Click on the OK button to finish the steps and make your signature.
Change Your Stationary to Include an Image 
  • Choose Tools from the menu bar and then click on Options.
  • Open the Compose tab and check the box next to Mail.
  • Click on Select button and then locate the stationary file that you want to add to your email messages. These are email formats that may have images, layouts, or specific fonts. Click on the OK button and the selected stationary will be used for all the email messages that you compose, reply to, or forward.
These are the steps to include signatures with pictures in the Outlook Express program. If you have any doubts in any of the steps that are explained above, you can contact the Outlook Express help and support team. They will help you to finish the steps without encountering any errors. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Oracle Clarifies About Java Support For Existing Windows XP Compatible Versions

In a recent blog post, the Vice President for Oracle’s product management made a sincere attempt to explain their plan to clarify their Windows tech support for Java on Windows XP OS. Vice President, Mr. Henrik Stahl initially dismissed all unnecessary speculations like ‘Oracle will end Java updates and support for Windows XP’. Adding to that, he also said that their company expects the current Java versions for XP to continue to receive the needed Windows tech support even after the XP End of Support. Microsoft officially ended their tech support for XP OS this year. The facts mentioned below will provide you a better picture regarding the subject.

Extended Java support for Windows XP compatible versions

Though Oracle made their official decision very clear through the media, they were not ready to make commitments regarding other technical support for Windows XP. In this context, it is very clear that Oracle will not be held responsible for any other technical problems or complaints reported by the users since the Windows tech support is no longer available to the OS.

At the same time, you can see that new Java 8 is not technically designed for being installed on Windows XP computers. The installer developed and released for Java 8 will not run on Windows XP computers without the help of some manual intervention. As mentioned on the Wikipedia page, this simply means ‘directly unzipping from the installation executable’. Mr. Henrik Stahl also said that it was possible that their company might choose not to fix this technical issue for an unsupported OS. Another major problem pertaining to this issue is that the Java 8 is also not available to the end users. This is why Oracle insists system users to upgrade to latest operating systems. As a result, Java users will no longer have to worry about any technical issues or the lack of technical support while using their Java version.

The future rounds of Java updates are due to be out in the month of July 2015 and will subsequently address almost 20 remotely exploitable flaws. In short, what we will get to see is that the latest Java 7 and 8 patches will work effectively on computers with the Windows XP operating system regardless of the end of technical support. Therefore, it is not much of a catastrophic situation, but it is highly advisable to upgrade to the latest Windows OS versions to enjoy a trouble free computing experience.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Read Your Mac Drives On Windows Using Paragon Software

There is a lot of difference between the Mac and Windows operating systems. This causes numerous problems to some users, who own two computers running on these platforms.

Most of us avoid such problems by using compatible OS and software applications often made by the same tech firm. But, if you are a working professional, you might have to deal with incompatible software running on your home and work PC.

Paragon software takes care of the Mac drive incompatibility in Windows

Take for example, the hard drive in your system. For the Windows OS to run smoothly, this should be formatted as NTFS file system. However, in case of Mac OS, the file system format is different, as it uses the HFS protocol. So, the hard disks is Mac and Windows operating systems will have to be formatted differently, and hence one OS will not recognize or read the other.

This can become an inconvenience to someone, who has to access some important files stored in the hard drive on (say) the office computer on home PC. However, as always, some clever software developers out there have come up with a solution for this problem. Most of these solutions are paid applications, but the recently released Paragon software application designed for this purpose offers a trial too. A freeware version for limited Windows OS versions and file systems is also available.

So, you do not have to pay anything for trying it out. Just download this software on your Windows PC and you will be able to read the Mac hard drive on your Windows PC. If everything runs smoothly, as the software developer claims, then you can pay for an upgrade to the full version before the trial period expires.

According to Paragon developers, when your install this application in your Windows 8 OS, you get all the necessary Windows 8 drivers for all the different file system formats, and not just the HFS system used in Mac. In other words, you no longer have to worry about such file format incompatibility issues anymore.

The freeware edition of this software is available only for the latest Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 OS platforms, which has the Windows 8 drivers for reading the HFS+ file system format. For other HFS variants and different file system formats, you will have to buy the paid version though.